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 At Projecting & Sounding ART we have set a goal from the beginning: To make the difference. To overcome the usual Greek standards of the field and to move to the next level. The level you can find in leading foreign companies.

Our multi-award-winning projects are characterized as the most modern in technological and technical terms, as they utilize the ultimate leading edge of each equipment and material category.

We have the ability to make technology as obvious in your space as you wish. Whether it is a dedicated fun and entertainment space, which highlights its technological profile, or a modern house, discreetly equipped with all kind of automation, we are able to assure you that, in the end, if there is anything dominant in your space that would be your own taste.

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Each of our projects, regardless of size, starts and is completed with a focus on preserving the maximum standards, as applied at the moment of its realization.

We base our offers on plans that synthesize and compile products and are comprehensible to the owner. In every case, when compared to other plans that provide similar solutions, the conclusion is the same: Rationalizing during the designing and synthesizing process, which is applied in every stage and in total, leads to a smaller demanded cable network, while all upgrades are supported for future needs.

We left for last the most important and – in our opinion – most pleasant message for you: You don’t have to change your way of life! Projecting & Sounding ART can and does combine your own way of life with the most innovative technology, which is made ultimately available to you.