Our Staff

Each of Projecting & Sounding ART’s installers is constantly trained in everything new that concerns his own specialization field. Against the policy followed by other similar companies, where you will find technicians who are experts in…everything, our staff guarantees excellent adequacy and “vertical” work until completion of the project.

In Projecting & Sounding ART, someone will design your project, someone else will install the cable network, another one will install the automation system and another one will connect your appliances, another will study the project in an aesthetic way, another will apply building materials etc.

In this way, each technician guarantees perfection in his work, supervision of step by step procedures is easier, possible technical mistakes are isolated and promptly solved and, finally, the project that you asked for, is delivered perfectly in every detail. Besides, attention in detail is what makes the main difference between us and various similar companies.