Since 2003, Projecting & Sounding ART creates award-winning spaces of domestic fun and entertainment, making your dreams come true with systems of advanced technological intelligence, and maximum functional convenience.

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Evangelos Lamprou, highly respected with Electronic Lifestyles Awards and certified by the global organizations CEDIA, ISF and HAA, founded Projecting & Sounding ART in order to develop hi-tech activities, in the fields of Smart Automations, Security Systems and Telecom Applications.

Our portfolio includes designing, studying, installation and total configuration of the most sophisticated residential and business premises in Greece. Along with its own special identity and atmosphere, each space provides relaxation, fun and unique entertainment moments, while being luxurious and ultimately autonomous.

Our discreet, or even “invisible”, technological solutions, with persistence in perfection, become reality through the high technical expertise, specialization and experience of our perfectly trained human resources. We use the most modern tools and measurement systems, thus ensuring maximum performance for our projects. After your total “dream” is delivered, we remain by your side with high-level services and important after sales privileges.