Green Glue

Soundproof your life.

We know the implications of noise pollution in our lives. Tranquility and peace are necessary for humans, not only mentally but physically as well. For this, proper sound insulation in our domestic environment is essential. Green Glue contributes to this goal.


Undesirable sound, the sound that can be characterized as “noise pollution” is mostly coming from a house’s exterior environment, when it’s based in a dense urban environment. But not exclusively. Noise and sound transmission within the areas of a house is also unwanted. Noise from the wooden floor upstairs or the stairs is unwanted. Dance music coming from the kid’s room is not ideal for the parent who works in the office next door, or even in a different floor in the house. The need for sound insulation becomes even more crucial when there is a dedicated Home Theater in the house, or a special room for listening to music, where sound volume inevitably raises..


Green Glue Company is absolutely connected with what we call effective sound insulation. It owes its name to the basic soundproofing material it uses, which reminds of “green glue”, without being one.

Green Glue came from its co-founder’s Ted White wish to continue to enjoy, along with his family, tranquility and peace in his house in USA, even after implementing a Home Theater. When every other conventional soundproofing method failed, Mr. White, with his friend’s collaboration – who is also a music fan – Mr. Ravnaas decided to present a truly effective material for soundproofing.


Smart solutions are easy to conceive and implement as well. It is very easy to apply Green Glue, there is no need for special knowledge or expertized technicians, while it is very effective. Its form is similar to common silicone. Their difference is that when it is applied between two MDF chipboard sheets it prevents sound (noise) transmission from one sheet to the other by 90%!

Green Glue Company boosts… its magical product withsolutions of sound absorption, sound insulation and mechanical isolation of plasterboards, wooden floors, as well as gap sealers with customizable audio damping characteristics.


Green Glue is friendly to the environment and humans and is controllable regarding its behavior in case of fire. We will not ignore cost factor, emphasizing that Green Glue is significantly cheaper compared to other soundproofing solutions, making it easy to be used not only in new luxurious houses, but in smaller or older ones, which are under renovation.