Thermodynamic,small thickness insulating material

The space-age material of the American Acoustiblok utilizes Physics laws in an innovative way and absorbs noise, converting it into heat!


The most effective space sound insulation can be achieved by building a “room within a room”. Still, the cost of such a construction is very high and on the other hand, this essential super-construction takes out precious square meters from the original surface. Like this, more affordable sound insulation solutions, which use fiber glasses, foam and plaster boards, are not very effective..

Just a 3mm width Acoustiblok underlay can isolate more noise than a 30cm concrete wall!

On the other hand, Acoustiblok manages to solve the above problems, regarding performance level and required construction. Its brilliant invention is an elastic polymer material with great specific weightwhich is owed to its super-thick composition of special minerals.


Practically, acoustic waves that vibrate Acoustiblok’s surface, cause friction between material’s molecules, which after a while is converted into negligible but measurable temperature increase (heat). Acoustiblok is very easily placed on the surfaces that needs to be sound insulated, using conventional wall brackets, and then it’s covered with chipboard, plasterboard or other materials, depending on the project.