Triad Speakers

Crystal sound, regardless of space

No matter how small or big is the Home Theater you’ve been dreaming of, Triad has all possible solutions for cinematic and incredibly dynamic sound, just like the sound you enjoy in commercial Cinema Halls.


Triad Speakers has been making loudspeakers for three decades – since 1982 – offering not just cinematic sound but also special solutions that no other company provides. You will not find a fixed Triad loudspeaker “waiting” on store shelf. That’s because it makes each of its loudspeakers precisely according to the customer’s demands, offering innovative coloring and integration choices that fit in every space!

The crystal sound of Triad Speakers is known and famous in USA – the world’s Home Theater heart. It has received tens of awards in exhibitions, unique comments, excellent rates from reputable Reviewers and the trust of the most famous worldwide installers, thanks to its realistic cinematic sound. Every year its loudspeakers are installed in the most impressive Home Theaters and multi zone systems, receiving the greatest awards from CEDIA, the international certifying and evaluationorganization.



Based on the world of the real cinematic sound, Triad Speakers is the first company to develop the “clear triad Left-Center-Right” the way we know it today

Triad Speakers’ philosophy about Home Theater loudspeakers is clear: none of the full range loudspeakers has the clarity, frequency control and low range to fill the room with clear sound and strong bass. In commercial, as well a home theaters, subwoofers are absolutely necessary and cannot be replaced or combined with full range loudspeakers.

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To honor its efforts, the series that generated thousands of sales during the company’s history – and which continues to get upgraded every year – is been appropriately named… “LCR”. This series, along with the Monitor series, has been designed and programed in the company’s anechoic chambers, only with the parallel use of subwoofer. This detail in designing provides an important competitive edge. Triad loudspeakers’ sensitivity is double compared to conventional ones, with better response from 80 Hz and above, offering quality and volume in the entire frequency range.


Triad Speakers’ subwoofers, designed to “fit” acoustically with the main series of LCR & Monitor loudspeakers, are well known for their… “low” temperament. The company has maybe the most complete subwoofer series with 20 different models! The series starts with the entry-level 8’’ to the leading Platinum 18’’ of 75 kilos weight, 1.000Watt power and up to 20Hz response. Between them there are another eighteen subwoofers available in all versions, InRoom, Wall, InWall and InCeiling, for every special installation need and, at the same time, with homogenous audio behavior for all versions. Furthermore, the new series Omni gives strong bass lessons but in a very low purchase cost.

Constituent materials are selected extremely carefully. Cabin’s construction methodology is also expensive. Instead of using wood screws and particle boards like its competitors, Triad Speakers uses brass joints and MDF, for effective stiffness and acoustic inertia. Even its paints are ecological.

Triad Speakers – contrary to the usual method – designs and manufactures all its custom series in its “state of the art” factory in Portland, Oregon. In just five working days from placing the order, loudspeakers’ manufacture is fully completed, intensive quality control is conducted, packaging is done and loudspeakers are sent to customers worldwide! There is no “fixed” loudspeaker on the store’s shelf. All its customers purchase last generation loudspeakers which integrate every modern, technologically available acoustic and structural upgrade.

See Triad Platinum subwoofer test and distinction in HiTECH magazine’s comparison test.

Triad Speakers has an individual designing department and distinguishes itself for the innovative solutions it introduces. For example, a few years ago it designed a new ceiling loudspeaker that was destined to become the reference point for all other companies, which rushed into… “inspire” from it and implement such designs in their own series. Triad Speakers’ ceiling loudspeaker has a permanent 45 degree incline to all its guides, which, unlike other loudspeakers, didn’t radiate vertically to the floor, but at an angle towards seated viewers. When placed on the ceiling, it expanded the acoustic curtain, increasing dramatically acoustic information in viewers’ space. With constant progress, nowadays, Triad Speakers has nine different types of ceiling loudspeakers, offering huge acoustic advantages relating to conventional ceiling loudspeakers, which simply redirect high frequency tweeters.


Triad service and customer support before and after product sales is exemplary and famous worldwide. It has many available communication lines that operate many hours daily. On the company’s website there are available the phone numbers of service department, designers, sales department, as well as Larry Prexton’s, president of the company and leading figure in global Audio/Video field. The company, offering a ten year guarantee for proper operation, ensures its customers that the loudspeakers they choose will offer excellent performance for many, many years!