Video projection meets top design

Inspired by dreamy Italian super-cars or hand-carved cubical crystal bodies, Sim2’s video projectors are ultimately different from any other similar product.


It was founded in 1995 under Sèleco’s brand, which is a subsidiary of the famous Zanussi Company. Sim2’s dynamic entry in the video projection world is characterized by unique innovations, since, during its foundation year, it was the first company worldwide to design a CRT projector with integrated video line-doubler, which was a separate hardware and a part of the device “chain” of those days qualitative Home Theater .

Innovative designing. Externally and internally.

In 1997 Sim2 managed to become the greatest video projector supplier with great success in the business world, with over 60% of the total market share. In 2000 it designs the first High Definition DLP projectors for Home Theater implementations. It continues to innovate by designing an image transmission cable, using optical fibers from the external unit to the video projector, introducing new methods to install projection systems easily.

The most current Sim2 implementations continue to “think”in different ways than competitive companies do. Characteristic examples? The amazing red “Fuoriserie”’s design is signed by Pininfarina studios, while it was available in just thirty pieces. It produces luminescence of 3.000 lumens and its contrast ratio reaches 10.000:1. The integrated image processor applies constant optimization every 30 seconds, according to the D65 standard. The projector’s networking capabilities allow constant upgrading and immediate technical remote support, directly from Sim2’s technicians.


Crystal video projector? Indeed!

Sim2’s crystal cube (Domino series: Crystal Cube) is totally made by high quality crystal, producing an aesthetically amazing result, which conforms to every modern space. Within it lie all parts of a high quality DLP projectorwith FullHD panel, a 200W lamp and the possibility for up to 2.500 Ansi lumen light emission.

Ο Sim2 M150S participated in Projecting & Sounding ART’s 85.000€ Dream Theater, in the Tech Matrix magazine’s test studio.