Schneider Optics

See the whole picture!

The last frontier to live the real Home Theater experience is the 2,35:1 Ultra-Wide Screen Projection (Cinemascope®). Schneider Optics’ product variety allows you to live the amazing cinematic experiences exactly the way the movie maker imagined!


Schneider Optics is a subsidiary company of the German Schneider-Kreuznach. Schneider has been producing the highest quality optics for over 90 years, offering innovative solutions for large-format photography, photo enlarging, motion picture projection, optical filtration, and industrial applications.

In 2000, Schneider Optics acquired Century Precision Optics, adding its over 50 years experience in manufacturing superior attachments for film and video. Schneider Optics’ offices are located in Hauppauge, New York and Van Nuys, California. There is also a complete dealer network around the world, ready to assist you,even with your most demanding needs.

Projecting & Sounding ART is Schneider Optics’ dealer in Greece, adding one more “cornerstone” to the company’s commitment across ultimate quality.

Cine-Digitar 1,5x

Cine-Digitar 1,5x is a typical product among the company’s extremely wide variety of cinema projection lenses. It is used to stretch an image horizontally by factor 1.5x bigger than its original size. The lens’s usual application is to create widescreen images from non-widescreen formats. For example it can be used to create a 1:1.85 image format from a 5:4 digital projector.



Kino-Torsion™motion mechanism

The Kino-Torsion™ mechanism moves the lens in and out of the digital projector’s range. This motion can be done automatically by using a 12V switch or by a start signal from the appropriate projector, scaler or control system. Kino-Torsion™‘s design is revolutionary, with a totally new way of moving the anamorphic lens. The lens is moved in a twisting motion similar to the swing of a door. This motion results in a mechanical design that is elegantly simple yet retains all of the reliability and ruggedness of more traditional linear motion systems.


The Kino-Torsion™ is lighter, smaller, and less expensive than expected for such a high duty-cycle unit. It is appropriate for demanding installations in screening rooms and corporate media centers yet economical enough for home theaters. The Kino-Torsion™ has adjustments for displacement, pitch, yaw, and roll so ideal lens alignment can be achieved. When it is used with Schneider Optics’ Cine Digitar anamorphic lenses, best combination of mechanical reliability and optical quality is achieved.