PS Audio

HiEnd power supply and wiring

The American PS Audio is located in Boulder, Colorado and is one of the internationally famous brands in electricity and digital audio management. Its products stand out for their performance, manufacture quality, as well as their special design.


PS Audio brand is closely related to sound’s digital era. Not only regarding a sound system’s sources, but also next stages of the acoustics chain and power supply. This American company was founded in 1973 from audio designers Paul McGowan (“P”) and Stan Warren (“S”), in Santa Maria, California. From their names initials (P and S) comes the first part of PS Audio brand name – an action that indicates their identification with the company and its specializing field: perfect sound!

Almost all of PS Audio products are handmade, manufactured in the company’s establishments in Colorado, ensuring in this way, not only excellent performance, but also guarantee that their functionality will be intact for their entire life. This is something that the owners of PS Audio’s products know very well. A characteristic example is the phono Circa pre-amplifier, which was presented by PS Audio in 1973!

Recreation of pure electricity, without noise..

PerfectWave P5 power supply system recreates the power that supplies your Home Theater’s devices using a powerful class A/B integrated amplifier, which generates pure and noise-free AC power supply. Forget the days during which your system performs better at night, than at daytime. With P5, your Home Theater will perform at its best, 24/7.


PS Audio also manufactures power cables and digital interconnects – HDMI – in its establishments in Boulder, with the same quality and attention to detail as applied to its standalone devices. Each of PS Audio’s products is unique and well-made in every part. That’s why PS Audio products are considered to be a challenge for sophisticated and demanding tastes.

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