Perfect audio. For every system, in every space!

With great characteristics and possibilities that refer to HiFi, as well as Home Cinema systems, and which also include DiRAC Live top software, miniDSP’s digital and analog audio optimization system guarantee crystal, wide and powerful sound, beyond any expectation!




In 2006, a small group of passionate Mechanics decided to create the ultimate correction systems forevery audio system’s most… untamed problem, which is expected to perform the maximum within its installation room. The room itself causes that problem and affects the system’s performance due to room reflections, speaker diffractions, impulse responses and phase shifts.

“miniDSP 10×10 HD gave me the tools to do what I want in order to get the sound that I want. The 10x10Hd makes it easy to look under the hood of room EQ.” | Kalman Rubinson, Stereophile | Kalman Rubinson, Stereophile


Based in Hong Kong and being so close to the biggest electronic manufacturing hub, miniDSP now manufactures completely autonomous audio correction devices, as well as optimization circuits to be integrated by third manufacturers (Kits).



DiRAC Live

It is considered, by the field’s experts, the greatest – maybe –optimization system ever designed. Capable to correct problems that deal withthe room’s frequency and percussive response, DiRAC system optimizes depth and position perception and separates voices and musical instruments in an amazing way.

The system is impressively complete and, at the same time, simplified regarding customization settings, thanks to the excellent PC software, which provides step by step directions to place the measurement microphone, as well as to achieve optimum response curve.