Reference Series

More light. Totally ready for the future.

DLA-RS600 | DLA-RS500 | DLA-RS400

The new DLA Reference Series video projectors have the highest brightness of its category and output much more light comparing to previous DLA generation. At the same time, they ensure maximum compatibility with current and future formats and adopt the most current and ultimate specifications, like HDCP 2.2, THX 3D and HDR.


Projecting & Sounding ART offers the full Reference DLA-RS projector variety, is an authorized service point and also, offers 30 month guarantee, after its exclusive agreement with JVC.

New high power lamp

Enjoy high brightness in even bigger screens

Use screens of up to 3,5 meters width, with the same brightness and equal high contrast that previous models offered in screens of smaller dimensions.


18Gbps HDCP2.2 on both HDMIs

Ensure absolute compatibility with the future

Both HDMI inputs of the new DLA Reference Series adopt the most current HDCP specification. In this way the guarantee absolute compatibility with future 4K and Ultra HD Blu-ray formats, while they innately support the following signals: 4K60p 4:4:4, 4K60p 4:2:2/36 bit and 4K24p 4:4:4/36bit.



HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Experience images of amazing depth

The new ultra-high definition imaging standard is an integral part of DLA’s new series specifications, thanks to the combination of high innate contrast, wide color choices and the new high power lamb.


Top contrast ratio

See every “dark” detail

JVC has managed to achieve the category’s highest innate contrast ratio, by 150.000:1. By adding Intelligent Lens Aperture technology and the new high power lamb, you can now enjoy images with amazing depth and dynamic contrast ratio that reaches 1.500.000:1



New generation e-shift

Enjoy engaging resolution

The innovative e-shift4 dynamically shifts the pixels of the projection panel by 0,5 pixels per 120Hz, multiplying visible image resolution. New generation Reference Series raises the bar, offering e-shift4’s advantages with 4K/60p signal. DLA_esh4

Motion Enhance

Follow every move, without blurs

The new technology, which eliminates motion blurs, guarantees normal and steadily clear images, even in case of action movies. Furthermore, it’s compatible with 4K, as well as 3D signals, ensuring in this way normal viewing experiences for all available formats of previous and next generation.


THX 3D certification

Experience every movie the way it was produced in the studio

THX 3D certified video projectors display 2D and 3D movie productions with such quality characteristics, which can only be experienced in Hollywood studios. More than 400 practical tests guarantee that the video projector offers to final consumer, maximum quality and performance. THX_DLA

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