James Loudspeaker

The most innovative Home Cinema loudspeakers in the world

For more than a decade, James Loudspeaker designs, develops and manufactures loudspeakers in the USA for Home implementations, redefining quality sound


Since their first appearance, they are widely admired thanks to their unique identity, advanced designing and modern design. From the beginning of its operations in the USA in 1999, James Loudspeaker offers unique custom-made loudspeakers, innovating and indicating new ways of introducing audio and aesthetic implementations in Home areas.

With designers who have deep acoustics knowledge, technicians who are always trained in modern technologies and use the most innovative raw materials, James Loudspeaker manufactures loudspeakers that provide possibly the most advanced sound and surely excellent appearance. Its loudspeakers’ acoustics configuration is done focusing on the reproduction of modern and demanding uncompressed audio formats. This results into series of loudspeakers that improve the sound of Home Theaters worldwide.


At James Loudspeaker each model is selected according to the volume of the Cinema. In this way the appropriate loudspeaker is selected, providing correct audio coverage and avoiding exaggerations.

More specifically, the company’s subwoofer variety is big and various. These special James Loudspeaker loudspeakers are designed and manufactured focusing on covering each installation with… bass, regardless of each Cinema’s dimensions. In its product variety are included: classic free-standing subwoofers, built-in subwoofers forwalls or ceilings, fully hidden subwoofers with sound transition pipes, as well as outdoor subwoofers, which are planted in the ground! James Loudspeaker’s unbelievable variety of subwoofers starts with a “small”David of just 6,5’’ diameter cone. This subwoofer is ideal for small and medium systems. The product variety is completed with the huge 21’’ diameter subwoofer, which is able to shake the viewers with its power, during an action film projection.


Aluminum is James Loudspeaker’s basic manufacturing material. The company, after multiannual research and study, discovered that aluminum, compared to common wood types that are used in loudspeaker manufacture, offers excellent resonance results, greater calcification and leads to bigger, hence more useful volume within the cabin thanks to its smaller thickness. It has great resistance in time and wear. All James Loudspeaker’s loudspeaker cabins are made of excellent purity aluminum, originated in aeronautics implementations, with high precision soldering.

See the subwoofer comparative tests by HiTECH magazine, where James Loudspeakers’s products gained top honors!

The biggest problem that most of Home Theater loudspeaker manufacturers face is homogenous acoustic coverage in height and in width, so that all viewers in the Cinema enjoy perfect audio performance. Even today, famous Cinema loudspeaker manufacturers – who come from stereo schools – in order to optimize audio performances,they focus on only one spot, during studying and designing: the center of the Cinema hall. This main spot, “the money seat”, as it’s called in the USA – because the owner usually sits there – actually enjoys great sound, because it is in the audio sweet spot. However, the rest of the seats get the… acoustic remains, that is to say reflections, secondary and filtered sounds. Still, Home Theaters are never designed for only one person, no matter where he/she sits…


Knowing how difficult it is to design a loudspeaker, which will offer full Cinematic sound with wide acoustic dissipation, in order to cover many seats with original sound, many companies are forced to use a horn for high frequency charges. The horn, which is widely used in implementations of controversial acoustics level, manages to solve the riddle partially, depending on the existing dissipation angle. But in the place of the old riddle, a new, even bigger one appears. The main characteristic of horn operation, especially in cinema loudspeakers, is the “aggressive” sound. This results in creating the illusion that the actor is very close to us, with reedy and sometimes annoying voice, while in reality neither his voice has such a voice quality, nor should we hear it as if it were so close to us. We should hear it coming from the projection screen. So, in order to make this problem combination bearable (literally!), the volume is always kept in lower levels than desirable, resulting in losing the dynamic range and, finally, the Cinematic magic that the film could offer.

Other companies suggest using multiple loudspeakers in the same audio channel, while some others – probably to hide the problem – plead the… magical and accurate acoustics of their loudspeakers, which are designed to offer proper hearings to only… one person at a time. James’ innovative solution uses four tweeters maintaining a 45 degree angle between them.

The solution of using many loudspeakers in the same channel with different incline angles seems familiar, since it’s widely used in commercial Cinemas. Still, this doesn’t apply to Cinemas smaller than 120m2, since there isn’t much altitude range between the seats, as in commercial cinema rows. For example, in case of using two or three loudspeakers in the dialogue channel in a 50m2 8 seater Home Theater, there will be many secondary reflections, resulting in echo, which is difficult to handle.


To give an answer to this problem James Loudspeaker came up with an innovative solution, which optimizes audio performance for all viewers. Redefining tweeters’ positions in the cabin and increasing them from 1 to 4 per loudspeaker, James Loudspeaker managed to create an acoustic curtain that provides the same audio quality to all the seats in every row. The “Quad pattern”, as named by the company, is cross-like and has an internal 45° angle. To avoid cross-soundwavesa central frequency absorber is placed near to the transmission spot, which ensures that the sound will reach all viewers,providing the same clarity and texture.

Apart from the innovative Quad pattern, James Loudspeaker’s tweeters are made of the most extraordinary raw materials you will ever see in Home Theatre loudspeakers. “Be Reference”, its greatest series, uses beryllium tweeters achieving 40kHz response, while its previously best series, the “QX” with aluminum tweeters, reaches 24kHz response. Both of them are above human hearing range!