Cables for image and sound, without compromises

Your Home Theater’s cables operate in collaboration with your projector, television and sound system, to transfer you into the magical world of Home Theater. Inakustik cables are designed for those who want to enjoy their investment at its maximum performance.


Your top 4K projector’s displayed image and the sound coming out of your Home Theater’s loudspeakers and audio devices may be affected negatively by the conventional wiring used. Inakustik cables are designed for those who want to enjoy their investment, without compromises.

From the amazing displayed image of a film production captured with the top ARRI camera, engaging high contrast that makes the film pop out of the screen, rich colors and barrage multi-channel sound, wiring quality is what determines the performance difference between two similarly implemented Home Theater systems.

For the German Inakustik, the time of “paired” components is gone. All modern Home Theater’s top devices play well and parallelly, express a unique character of their own, just like exotic cars. The only thing left to do is to find a way to enjoy the amazing performances they can offer. This is Inakustik’s ultimate goalsince 1977.

Excellent signal transmission. Made in Germany.

Inakustik’s digital sound and image transmission cables are manufactured under the same strict specifications that its mechanics have set for HiFi and HiEnd cables. For example, Inakustik’s HDMI reference cables areshielded with three layers of metallic foils and wide caliber plated tubes, which are made out of pure copper.

All of Inakustik’s sound and image signal transmission cables are manufactured with the approval of official, established organizations for each protocol, such as the HDMI Organization, as well as higher specifications, like the Additional Color Spaces (sYCC601, Adobe RGB & YCC601) for achieving even wider color variety that the one of standard cinema specifications.