Ultimate audio amplifiers

Located in Adelaide, Australia and with great research and development establishments, Halcro designs amplifiers-reference points, regarding their performance and operational reliability.


For those who are familiar with the field, a glance is enough to determine whether you “have a Halcro amplifier”. Those amplifiers’ external design is equally sophisticated as the mechanical perfection that characterizes their internal design. .

Super Fidelity.

In order to design amplifiers that not only promote but also “sign” the term “Response”, Halcro managed to reduce the total harmonic distortion (THD) in such a degree, that the amplifiers’ output will recreate the original recorded signal 99,9995% unharmed. Halcro named this achievement “Super Fidelity”.

Halcro’s flagship, monoblock dm88, produces 500 continuous Wattsat 4Ω and, if it’s required, it can provide maximum output of 2,1kW.

The immediately noticeable absence of any lamp or transistor intervention makes Halcro audio a revealing experience, since it sets a brand new reference point for listeners, who – so far – is used to listen to the conventional audio reproduction systems.

Ultimate compatibility and reliability.

Halcro amplifiers can drive any type of loudspeakers without problems. Even electrostatic ones. On the other hand, their outputs are secure from the possibility of a short circuit and it is practically impossible to be damaged.


See Halcro MC70 seven-channel amplifier’s test by HiTECH magazine.