Laser Projector EH-LS10000

Tomorrow’s technology is now available.

Only a few companies manage to adopt high tech technology in their specialization field and create really perfect products, after careful designing. Epson is one of them.


Laser = Ultimate Contrast.

Epson’s most innovative implementation until today brings “exotic” projection to Home environment using Laser light source. Capable to produce the deepest black color you have ever seen, and combined with amazing bright camerawork, Epson’s Laser projectors perform the so called Absolute Black contrast ratio. At the same time, the LS10000 has the THX 3D Display and isf certifications, while its 3LCD panel is ready for 4K resolution projection.

Projecting & Sounding ART distributes EPSON’s Laser video projectors in Greece, in an exclusive distribution agreement. Our company’s Demo Room guarantees the complete capability demonstration of EPSON Laser video projectors, since it is CEDIA certified. Visit our premises and live the unique experience of EPSON Laser in a Cinemascope 2,35:1, with Stewart curved screen, sound devices that include Datasat and Integra amplifiers, James Loudspeaker loudspeakers and engaging 3D audio experience, with AURO 3D and Dolby Atmos.

4K Enhancement Technology

Fall one more time in love with your old movies and every 1080p material of your selection, in renascent resolution. Epson’s 4K upscaling specialized technology highlights details you had never noticed before with your previous video projector. Every old movie has something “new” to say!


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Live the engaging cinematic experience that EPSON’s video projectors provide exclusively, in Cinemascope, with Auro 3D sound, in the specially shaped and fully certified Projecting & Sounding ART’s Demo Room.

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Excellent value for money.

On the other side of EPSON’s “exotic” video projectors, Projecting & Sounding ART has EPSON projectors with conventional light source, which also guarantee excellent value for money ratio. EH-TW9200 is a characteristic example