Elite Screens

The affordable peak of video projection

Innovative solutions, high quality manufacture and modern standards are the characteristics that have established Elite Screens in the heart of Home Theater fans


Elite Screens has offices in USA, Europe and Asia. It has managed to enter and become maybe the most important name among screen trade companies with excellent value for money ratio. Manufacture process is certified according to ISO9000-2001 and provided screen models cover all application variety for residential and business use.

The optimization of its products is continuous, resulting to international awards, its establishment in the demanding USA market, while its market share in Europe and Asia is constantly growing bigger. New screen series for 2012 and 2013 include small tabletop screens for “pico” video projections, new material use and rear projection applications, materials that permit free passage of air for 4K video projections. Now, Elite Screens’ variety includes models of the new trend, curved screens, which comply with anamorphic Cinemascope projection.


Elite Screens offers the most modern projection screens in its cost category, over covering specification standards and making them available in affordable prices.

There are so many manufacturers that the selection of aprojection screen has created riddles for those who are interested to have excellent image display at a specific budget. Elite Screens offers a wide range of different projection screens suitable for every viewing environment. It uses screens and materials which allow the creation of the most suitable image “reception” and reflection surface, according to environment lighting, video projector type and its technical features, like contrast and brightness.

Besides, Elite Screens provides numerous installation solutions and harmonic integration in each individual space of your house. Its variety includes electric and manual screens, with turnbuckles, or with vertical folding, giving the opportunity to achieve a possible installation, no matter what requirements exist, in reasonable cost.


Acoustic-Pro 4K screen stands out of Elite Screens’ product variety. Thanks to its microscopic weave, even the smallest 4K projector pixels do not interplay with the projectors’ openings, which allow sound to pass seamlessly through. This special screen guarantees perfect image for the most demanding Ultra HD projection systems. Furthermore, it has numerous Home Theater screens, so as to cover installation in every view format, 4:3, 16:9, or Cinemascope (21:9).


Elite Screens stands out among manufacturers of economic projection screens since, opposite to others, it can offer manufacture specialization, depending on each individual projection type and adaptation capability in the special space conditions. At the same time, it manages to maintain high quality and low implementation cost, offering in the best possible way what makes its products stand out: Value for Money.

Elite Screens’ top curved projection screen was a part of the 85.000€ Dream Theater by Projecting & Sounding ART, in Tech Matrix magazine’s test studio.