Elite HTS

The most comfortable and qualitative Home Theatre chairs

For Elite HTS, a home theater chair is not just a chair stuffed with foam and soda cup holders on its arms…


Elite Home Theater Seating, located in Surrey, Canada, manufactures the last ten years the most qualitative and most comfortable home theater chairs. Unique custom-made seating of amazing quality, with tens of available choices and deep structural details, they create a new seating experience that will leave you really speechless.The best choice in home theater seating for a really extraordinary experience! All of us have experienced the uncomfortable cinema hall’s seating, where we had to constantly shift and adjust to find a comfortable position. This unpleasant experience makes it difficult to enjoy our escape through motion picture imaginary world. The Canadian Elite HTS is unique because it understands what a cinema seat “is” and according to which specifications it should be manufactured.

The chair’s headrest is crucially placed in order to provide ideal head and neck support, while it allows keeping the head in the ideal view angle.

No matter if it is about a chair lined with Valentino leather, Silk leather or CineSuede, Elite HTS uses only top materials. For example, the Italian Valentino leather is its most famous material. It is a high quality cow skin, processed with aniline, using innovative methods. The tannery uses specially selected raw materials to ensure best “feel to the touch”. So, after placing the upholstery, leather texture gives a unique and luxurious look. The combination of protective finishingand special waxes offers durability and excellent color.


All Elite HTS chairs are equipped with motorized recline. Power recline is much better than manually operated recline, since the chair can be reclined in a fraction of a degree. Thus, the user can adjust it to the optimum position and achieve better viewing angle. The German OKIN Company is the manufacturer of the chairs’ recline mechanism, which is totally noiseless. They are all covered by a lifetime guarantee, while they can be easily replaced, if needed.


One of the most important theater seating feature is the recline mechanism. All the parts of the chair, like arms, back and cushion, are attached to the mechanism. Since it works as base for the chair, it has to be designed and manufactured in order to be resistant to hard use and last for a lifetime. It is made of industrial steel and since it weights almost 30 kilos, it would be unfair to be characterized simply as a “heavy duty mechanism”. The high quality recline mechanism is manufactured in USA and has thick steel arms, reinforced steel bracing, and an almost silky smooth reclining motion.

Customize your own theater chair

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Foam is also extremely important. Low quality foam can start to lose form and support in as little as 6 months! It is very important for any type of furniture to use “low memory foam” that doesn’t lose its shape easily because of its high density. The best foam combination that Elite HTS uses is high in density foam, yet still soft enough and comfortable at the same time. For that reason the company offers foam samples so that customers can check its quality before ordering.

The extra lumbar support provides excellent back support. Body temperature heats the chair and softens the specially designed foam which adapts to body shape.

One of the most common flaws in theater seating manufacture is a poorly designed frame. This is the main difference between a chair lasting 2 years and a chair providing comfort for 50 years. The main problems associated with a poor frame design are shaky arms, squeakiness while trying to adjust your body in the chair, which, as you understand, destroy the chair. But even after years of use, joints may become loose, causing flimsy arms and squeakiness. To avoid this, Elite HTS manufactures its chairs’ base out of a large, thick piece of wood, which is cut on a CNC machine. There are no joints, nails or glue. It’s an undivided piece that lasts for a lifetime. Total weight of chairs also reflects its quality. Elite HTS seats weight an average of 68 kilos, maybe the heaviest on the market, while the average seat weight of competitive companies ranges from 35 to 45 kilos.


Since the beginning of its operations, Elite HTS let nothing to chance. It collaborated with renowned chiropractor Dr. Grang O’Neill to ensure seating ergonomic design, for comfort and optimal ergonomic support. The basic differences that Dr. O’Neill’s study provides to the manufacturing of home theater seating – comparing to typical chairs of competitive companies – are so important, that are immediately shown once you seat on an Elite HTS chair.

Elite HTS welcomes any of your special demands. From manufacturing straight or curved undivided rows, doubling middle arms’ width, adjusting removable snack-tables, or even tailor-made chairs for big customers and athletes who want “more space”. The Canadian company has the appropriate designing and creative experience to manufacture what you dream of.

Elite HTS’s unique “dual cushion” system which is used in European supercars provides perfect support, mostly because body weight is equally distributed to both individual cushions. The internal cushion supports your lumbar spine, while the external supports your tights and buttocks, removing pressure from your low back.

Would you like something even more unique? Something yours? Something that you will design it yourselves to exist only in your own home theatre? No problem. Combine two different materials and colors, ask for different color seam lines to make contrast or ask to place your initials or your company’s or team’s logo on the upholstery!


Elite HTS’s home theater seats provide the great luxury, top quality and unique ergonomics you wish to find for your home theatre. You will see them in the best Home Theaters in the world. Its “passionate” customers will assure that. Come to see for yourselves. At our company you will find complete series of different models to enjoy the excellent experience the Canadian company has to offer.