Dune HD

The definition of Media Player

Dune HD has been characterized as the worldwide leader in high performance digital media players. The last five years it has received the most international awards than any other manufacturer


Dune HD’s head offices and manufacturing plant are in Taiwan, with research and development departments in Moscow and Kiev. Having global presence, in five continents, in 60 countries, has already provided more than 500.000 media players!

… and not without a reason! Dune HD’s products comply with most existing digital formats. From simpler ones, which are used in internet applications, to most demanding ones, of high resolution, in Blu-ray discs. The company’s technical team, consisting of specialized Audio/Video technicians and programmers, has created the best – admittedly – media players on market.


Dune HD’s wide product variety is constantly enriched and offers the highest Audio/Video reproduction quality in high definition. At the same time, through its products, it complies with all international image and sound signal transmission standards: MPEG-4, IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), VOD (Video On Demand), OTT (Over-The-Top content) and interactive services.

Dune HD products are available for both residential and business use. They include low cost digital receivers as well as business implementations with hot-swap HDD ports, Blu-ray/DVD/CD drives, with excellent internet connection, data sharing via networks and possibilities of distant and local control


Dune HD’s Media Players use Sigma Designs updated processors, which are famous for their error-free operation and speed. Through automated firmware upgrades, Dune HD ensures owners that their media player will continue to be technologically updated, with extended file reproduction compliance for many years since its purchase.