Enjoy every movie, exactly the way it was recorded

Datasat offers to passionate moviegoers the best audio processors, same with those used in DTS certified commercial cinemas.


Datasat’s contribution to what we call “cinema sound” begins with movie productions, it is related to that sound’s reproduction in commercial Cinemas, and also to the sound we enjoy in the best Home Theaters, worldwide. Datasat became famous in the cinema field recently, despite the fact that its participation in technological developments is longstanding and determinant.

Theacquisitionof the famous DTS by Datasat Digital Entertainment was a surprise. Until that moment, Datasat conducted the satellite distribution of DTS’s movies in the USA and in the entire planet. Datasat’s technology was behind every global “simultaneous” premiere. The acquisition of DTS brings Datasat’s logo in the fields of movie soundtrack editing and reproduction, as we know it from the best DTS commercial cinemas – which now belong to Datasat.

Datasat’s technology is used during movie Mastering in the famous studios of Chatsworth in California and Twyford’s in London

In every commercial cinema there is a key-product, which decodes sound and transforms it into a Cinematic experience, just like the so-called “Golden Ears” did in Mastering Studios. That product is the AP20 processor. What is more interesting for passionate Cinema friends is that the AP20 processor also is available, with the same technology and made with the same perfect quality, for Home Theaters. We are talking about Datasat RS20i.


As two spaces are never the same regarding their sound impact, the RS20i integrates the Dirac’s room optimization Live system. Dirac’s Live processing offers an extraordinary experience, since it processes the RS20i’s 16 independent audio channels with precision and accuracy, maximizing the intensity and clear sound of the original Cinematic soundtrack.

Datasat RS20i and RA7300’s Home Theater system won the “Excellence Award 2014” by Tech Matrix magazine and was the heart of the 85.000€ Dream Theater system which was installed in the magazine’s test studio by Projecting & Sounding ART.

85.000€ worth Dream Theater by Projecting & Sounding ART, in Tech Matrix magazine’s test studio.

RA2400 and RA7300 amplifiers are the ideal fortifiers for the professional sound that RS20i processor offers. Those two amplifiers give a new dimension to what we call Home Theater “sound”. Their circuital design is totally balanced, offering response speed in dynamic transitions and 50% noise reduction,comparing to conventional implementations. The two amplifiers offer nothing less than what aHome Theater passionate viewer wants. Raw power, speed and quiet operation; characteristics that make the Cinematic experience reach a new level.


Datasat offers audio performances that really make a difference in Home Theater,which is hard to describe in words. Alternative suggestions, that may exist, are not even competitive to Datasat’s suggestions. The best possible scenario is their promise to offer “sound as if you were at cinema”. Datasat, on the other hand, brings Cinematic sound from production studios to your dedicated Home Theater!