Seeing is believing

The most advanced 4K cinema projectors of tomorrow, available today!


Native 4K. Top-notch imaging specs, from the many years of Sony’s expertise in movie production. Complete custom installation solutions & impressive design.


Sony is the only company worldwide to have the full 4K production chain capability and equipment, that enables it to capture, produce and display movie content, from the camera lens to your home display or projection system. 

4K SXRD™: Our most advanced projection technology

Our advanced SXRD™ (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display) system features an ultra-fast response rate of 2.5 milliseconds for clear, blur-free images. The panels also minimize the space between the pixels—a feat not achieved by comparable projection technologies—allowing our projectors to deliver smoother images. Additionally, the decision to include three SXRD™ panels means this projector can display each primary color simultaneously, and with light passing through each panel twice, this allows exceptionally deep blacks to be reproduced for a more powerful viewing experience.


High dynamic contrast for stunning realism

The SXRD™ panels and laser light source help the projector achieve a high dynamic contrast. This means that the full color spectrum—from deep, inky blacks through to vibrant reds, blues and greens—is replicated with fine detail and realism, making every scene spring to life for a truly immersive experience.

Watch for longer with a Z-Phosphor laser light *

Inside the VPL-VW5000ES is an ultra-pure, reliable Z-Phosphor laser light source. You’ll enjoy perfectly clear 4K pictures plus up to 20,000 hours2 of uninterrupted operation, with no lamp replacement or maintenance.

*In selected models

HDR compatibility: every image comes to life

Combined with 4K native resolution and a wider color gamut, HDR video content delivers unprecedented detail, color and contrast, with a far wider range of brightness than other video formats. The result is a picture with lifelike realism, brilliant highlights, and fine detail. HDR content is available from selected streaming services and the upcoming 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray format.


Super-resolution Reality Creation

Upscale your existing Blu-ray Disc™ and DVD movies to near 4K quality. The super-resolution Reality Creation 4K upscaler analyzes every pixel in any direction, then employs a digital signal processing algorithm to map pixels against an ever-evolving picture patterning database, compiled from over 10 years of expertise, to enhance colors, contrast, and textures.

Colors come alive with TRILUMINOS™

Discover true-to-life colors and tones. Hard-to-reproduce crimson reds, aqua blues, and emerald greens are displayed beautifully, so landscapes and seascapes look more vivid. Faces look better, too, with skin tones more faithfully reproduced.


Action stays smooth with Motionflow™

Whatever you’re watching, you’ll enjoy a silk-smooth on screen look in fast-moving action sequences with Motionflow. This innovative technology creates and inserts extra frames between the original frames by first comparing key visual factors on successive frames then calculating the split second of missing action in the sequences. True Theater 24p mode mimics true movie projection for theater purists.

Select from nine picture calibration modes

Quickly calibrate the picture to what you’re watching or playing. Select from nine picture calibration modes, including two theater film modes, cinema digital, reference, TV, photo, game, bright cinema, and bright TV. An advanced HSV manual color tuning tool gives you even more control.

SONY PrimeSupport

PrimeSupport goes beyond your standard warranty, with privileged access to our helpdesk for advice on your Sony Professional product. Our four PrimeSupport package options give you all the help you need to stay up and running.


Universal 4K UHD player


Amazing picture. Optimized for custom installation

Support for the new BT.2020 color spaces means access to a much wider range of colors than conventional TV signals offer. This ultra-wide color space means content creators can deliver much more saturated and realistic color from deep aquatic blues to natural greens and vibrant reds.

You’ll find virtually every connectivity option required for today’s complex custom installations, including IP Control over CAT 5 cable or Wi-Fi networks, RS232C two-way control and IR-IN. A web browser interface is also offered, along with support for ihiji4, a cloud-based network management solution used by custom installers for remote maintenance. Rack ears are also included for faster, easier installation.

Unlock your wall to imagination

Ultra short-throw projectors

Bring the world of premium entertainment right into your living room with the Sony Life Space UX 4K projector that delivers a stunningly detailed picture — then virtually disappears. Enjoy movies, concerts, art, and more. Your imagination is just the start.

Each 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector is handcrafted to order. From its precision interior components to its understated exterior finish, every aspect exhibits the finest attention to detail.


It’s not just for amazing movies. One of the 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector’s unique advantages is its ability to project stunning, still photos of anything you wish. A favourite landscape. A dramatic cityscape. A tranquil tropical beach. All within your living room. Now you can step into new worlds…without getting up.