PS Audio

HiEnd power supply and D/A conversion

The American PS Audio is located in Boulder, Colorado and is one of the internationally famous brands in electricity management and digital audio. Its products stand out for their performance, manufacture quality, as well as their special design.


PS Audio brand is closely related to sound’s digital era. Not only regarding a sound system’s sources, but also next stages of the acoustics chain and power supply. This American company was founded in 1973 from audio designers Paul McGowan (“P”) and Stan Warren (“S”), in Santa Maria, California. From their names initials (P and S) comes the first part of PS Audio brand name – an action that indicates their identification with the company and its specializing field: perfect sound!

“It’s easily the best DAC I’ve heard in my system, making digitally-recorded music sound better than I’ve ever heard it.” Vade Forrester, The Absolute Sound.
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The top power regenerator PS Audio P10 Power Plant participated in the 85.000€ Dream Theater by Projecting & Sounding ART, in Tech Matrix magazine’s test studio.

Almost all of PS Audio products are handmade, manufactured in the company’s establishments in Colorado, ensuring in this way, not only excellent performance, but also guarantee that their functionality will be intact for their entire life. This is something that the owners of PS Audio’s products know very well. A characteristic example is the phono Circa pre-amplifier, which was presented by PS Audio in 1973!

The reference point in the world of DAC

PS Audio is known in the HiFi & HiEnd field for its digital sources and processors, like the PerfectWave Player and the PerfectWave DAC, which are manufactured in Boulder’s establishments. The American company takes fully advantage of the flexibility that digital technology offers to create “smart”, upgradeable and expandable products. For instance, PerfectWave DAC is an asynchronous DAC, which has the capability to work with computers while it also upgrades into a Network Media Server by adding the PerfectWave Bridge.

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The Power series power supply units have a special place in PS Audio’s product variety. P10 Power Plant is the biggest and most advanced “energy station” in the world for HiEnd use, with 1500VA output and total AC power regeneration.