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The ideal loudspeaker has no cabin, it simulates a point source, its acoustic design is perfect and has the required energy and elegance to perform at its maximum levels in the entire acoustic spectrum. Cabasse made the ideal, reality.


Cabasse was founded in 1950 by George Cabasse. George Cabasse has the inherited gift of acute acoustic memory, a gift that led his ancestors, five generations before, to manufacture the Cabasse violins. George Cabasse’s natural gift led him with mathematical accuracy to work in the music production business, just the way it led his ancestors into making string musical instruments a few centuries ago, in 1740. George Cabasse’s obsession is to reproduce in the most convincing way all his favorite concerts, without changes, colorations or distortions. Reformulating and emerging through a loudspeaker the feelings that live music creates, are what make Cabasse’s products -and its founder as well -develop and improve.

The great La Sphère is a four way loudspeaker which represents a point source through its innovative coaxial loudspeaker and which is driven by a specially designed signal processor.

Cabasse designing team is characterized by a spirit of innovation and has led in unique implementations in the loudspeakers field, such as La Sphère and L’Ocean reference loudspeakers, which integrate state of the art technologies in many of their parts, like loudspeakers and acoustic design. In La Sphère’s coaxial loudspeaker manufacture, Cabasse’s exclusive technologies are used, as well as rare lands in its special magnetic system. The loudspeaker’s four acoustic centers are not only in the same imaginary axis, but also implement a point source through time delays introduced by the specially designed digital processor, which goes with the loudspeaker. The coaxial loudspeaker unit, which was designed by Cabasse in collaboration with Great Britain’s Telecommunication Engineering School, emits in the space with an ideal impulse response,in a 60 degree cone.

Cabasse Iroise 3, Ambrosse 3, Jersey surround and Santorin 30 participated in Projecting & Sounding ART’s 85.000€ Dream Theater, in the Tech Matrix magazine’s test studio.

La Sphère and L’Ocean belong to Cabasse’s Lifestyle Artis series and are Cabasse’s reference loudspeakers. Baltic and Riga belong to that series, too. Lifestyle Idea and Lifestyle Oceo series include more flexible solutions, for smaller spaces.


Stream 3 is a characteristic member of Lifestyle Oceo. The conception of the Stream 3 idea is genius and unique in worldwide level, at least regarding implementations in Cabasse’s price and quality category. Stream 3 is a 2.1 loudspeaker set, which integratesa complete Media player, is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, is controlled through mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems and is compatible with DLNA protocol.

Cabasse Stream family products received excellent rating at the “Hxos Eikona” magazine’s extended test

The Cabasse Stream 3 system won the “Tech Matrix | Excellence Award 2014”

The Cabasse Eole 1 satellites are the ideal height speakers for the Dolby Atmos setup in the Tech Matrix magazine’s test studio.

Stream 3’s satellite loudspeakers are two way loudspeakers with a coaxial unit, while they are significantly different from common implementations. Stream 3’s coaxial satellite designing comes from Cabasse’s technical knowledge, which is the result of the loudspeaker and acoustic design development of the Lifestyle Artis reference series.


Tradition series, even though it complies– as all Cabasse products do – with the company’s technical knowledge, which was gained during the improvement course towards theoretical perfection of point source, is more classical when it comes to its aesthetics and design. In this series is also included the Santorin 30i, the company’s unique and ofexcellent quality subwoofer, which goes with some versions of the Riga and the Baltic from the Lifestyle series.

All we have to do is welcome you to a unique world; the world of “point perfection”, which Cabasse represents better than anyone else.


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