Unitech Systems

The top solution in device hiding systems

Your precious devices appear impressively, only when you need them!


What’s the use of an electronic device when it’s not operating? How could your new HDTV be a part of your decoration when it’s turned off? If you are looking for a slightly aesthetically affected environment and, at the same time, functionally upgraded, welcome to Unitech Systems.

You have every reason to feel surprised and maybe even proud when you find out that Unitech Systems is a Greek company! This Greek company-model makes support and protection systems of exceptional quality,for integrating Audio/Video devices and sets of devices. Its products are used in modern, technologically innovative houses, for commercial use, business use – Digital Signage. Of course, Unitech Systems systems provide such integration that makes ideal solutions for yachts, where size and discretion are very important for the owner’s aesthetic and functional satisfaction. A basic characteristic of Unitech Systems’ support and integration systems is their design, in order to achieve best operation of the devices integrated in them.


Still, let’s see an example about what all these mean for a modern house. Let’s take the High End example, your favorite audio system. It consists of very expensive units, which rest on various pieces of furniture – made by a, undoubtedly, very capable furniture maker. Furniture have some gaps – so that hidden devices can be properly aerated – which may reveal your wallpaper and also any droopy connection wires. While devices are operating, their temperature rises significantly, which is normal, since their cooling capacity depends on the ascension of heated airon top of them. As time passes by, dust is mounded within themand can only be removed by experts. The above are an unwanted part of High End experience and are usually found in implementations, where Unitech Systems products are not present. We will say no more, but the above description would be much more dramatic in case of a yacht.


In a Unitech Systems system the above image transforms into a beautiful piece of furniture, which hides within it your precious devices. They lie there safe from dust and wear. Unitech Systems has a special rack, which has been designed in order to arrange wires neatly and make them invisible. During operation, the specially studied heat removal system guarantees the longevity of your favorite audiophile devices. The most important? Unitech Systems’ integration system turns off and protects your devices, and when you want to, it turns on and reveals them, automatically.

In the same way, no matter how beautiful your new HDTV is while operating, its big black screen dominates the room when it doesn’t display any images. Your TV’s “dominant black” can easily and automatically disappear from your sight. Unitech Systems offers the appropriate integration and hiding solution for each of your needs, considering also the functionality of high-performance devices and your premise’s aesthetics.


Ask what you wish for and, be sure, that Unitech Systems provides the aesthetically and functionally appropriate suggestion for every requirement.

Unitech Systems’ product variety includes many more than just the above, such as projector lifts, plasma and flat panel lifts, plasma and projector mounts, systems used in rear projection applications, video wall scaffold systems and many more. The quality construction of its products is awesome, flawless. Studies and specifications are precisely followed and Unitech Systems’ customers are fully satisfied in each of their choices. There are various and quality finishes to choose from, while the facing of each of the integration and built-in systems can be easily replaced.

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