Middle Atlantic

The foundation for every correct installation

Middle Atlantic belongs to the Legrand Group and produces the most complete rack variety upon request, to achieve any structured installation.


Every installation, of big or small scale, requires a specific number of control and signal management devices, which are connected to each other and also to the cables that run in the controlled areas..

Structured & neat.

In case of an advanced home theater’s devices, Middle Atlantic’s racks offer multiple advantages. The most important is the correct, neat device connection, in such a way that the installer is able to install the system vertically and to “tame” complex wiring.

“Clean” installation.

The final owner of the installed system enjoys an aesthetically perfect and operationally clear setup, without the obvious wiring mess, that would occur with a typical, commercial piece of furniture. Furthermore, Middle Atlantic’s racks can be installed within furniture or constructional niches – via a sliding mechanism – so that the only visible part is its front.

Efficient cooling.

Non-efficient heating discharge of your devices causes them damages, reducing their average life drastically. Middle Atlantic’s racks guarantee the necessary coolness, for their trouble-free operation and the longevity of your precious hardware.