The best in-wall iPad docks

When the Apple iPad is called to be united with any house’s automation and entertainment system, then the Austrian iRoom holds the answer.

Located in Salzburg, Austria and having special love for Apple products, iRoom makes the most… sophisticated in-wall docks for every iPad. The special docks allow your tablet or Apple smartphone to serve your home as automation system controllers as well as music and video distributers.

iBezel & iDock

Electric mechanism, top aesthetics and ease of use

The unique iPad dock and release mechanism makes iRoom’s iDock and iBezel simply, smart and secure. Also, depending on the way you want to place you iPads on the wall,iRoom provides horizontal and vertical iDocks,. The iBezel comes only in horizontal position and has an innovative panel with eight touch buttons, which you can easily match with the functions you most usually handle. The touch panel still operates even if your iPad is not docked.


Unique features

  • Eight touch buttons, which you can program according to your most common functions
  • Compatible with all popular control systems
  • Operational even if the iPad is undocked
  • Simple operation configuration via iOS application
  • Automatic Proximate Sensor wake up / sleep mode
  • Eight digital ports for external switches
  • Available in black and white and in various colors upon request
  • Crystal magnetic front to be easily changed with other color fronts
  • Compatible with iPadTM Air 1 & 2

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Unique features

  • Electric iPad docking and release mechanism
  • Opening mechanism via proximity sensor (this function can be deactivated)
  • Automatic closing function after 10 seconds
  • Automatic release in case of power outage
  • Available in black and white and in various colors upon request
  • Aluminum magnetic front to be easily changed with other color fronts
    Compatible with iPadTM Air

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Download Technical Specifications Brochure


Today’s jukebox

The ability to implement in-wall iPad installations in every space is ideally combined with the music streaming function towards all of your house’s audio systems. Thus, you can control your entire home’s jukebox either for every room or just for individual ones.

Choose what music you want to listen to when you are in the kitchen, while you are thinking about what to cook for diner – again, through your iPad’s screen. At the same time, children and their friends choose their favorite music from the Playroom’s iDock. And at night? Party-mode! Music can be played in the entire house via dining room’s iDock.

Colors and materials to fit every space

iDocks and iBezels come in a wide variety of colors, with fronts made by anodized aluminum or glass, which allow them to harmonize with the color choices of each space. Fronts are placed magnetically, so you can replace them at any time, whether just to change the color or because your taste conforms to new trends.


Never again a charging cable!

uniDock is a wireless charger dock, compatible to all Apple devices, and other devices which are charged via compatible Micro-USB adapters, like Android smartphones. Just twist it and select the compatible adapter of your device! It is fed with 220V of power and can be installed in any wall that has socket installations.

Unique features

  • Charging station compatible with all Apple devices as well as devices with Micro-USB adapter
  • Rotating body to easily choose the appropriate charging port
  • It can be installed in new or already existing socket port
  • Wall pull-out / push-in rotation system
  • High power outputs of 10W/2A so that you can charge up to two devices simultaneously
  • Adjustable night light with touch switch
  • According to EU directive 1275/2008 “Green Power”
  • Certified for Apple iPod/iPad

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