Equals… Genius!

Total control, security, economy and comfort! Automated intelligence with Greek signature


How “smart” automation can be in a modern home? Is it possible to upgrade a house into a modern one using conventional systems with central system management? Would it be possible for a Greek company to replace very expensive automation systems deservedly?

Meet FYES to see a live example of the Greek innovative and practical spirit.

If you don’t know whether the answer is yes then it’s time to meet FYES. FYES (its pronunciation in Greek means “genius”) is a Greek company-pioneer in the field of building automation. It has a 20 year history of research and innovative activity, while its products are innovative in a worldwide level. Ranked among the worldwide leading companies in this field, its activity indicates a good example for Greek companies which manufacture and design high-tech products.

FYES designs, develops and manufactures its automation products totally in Greece, according to strict technical and quality standards. Furthermore, the software that “runs” its products is also manufactured in Greece. FYES provides customized solutions in order to meet every customer’s needs and wishes perfectly, no matter how demanding the customer is or how difficult installation conditions may exist.


Company’s goal – which is being accomplished – is to develop automation technology which can be implemented in every sector and offers a more efficient, comfortable, safe and economic operation to every workplace or living space. FYES’s products are exported in a constantly extended network, which at the moment includes Cyprus and Australia. Integrating FYES in a house offers many advantages in many areas, such as total control, security, economy and, of course, comfort.

FYES total control systems transform every house into a genius living “organism”, which manages automatically all its subsystems: heating, cooling, air conditioning, lighting, electric shutters, shades, curtains, sunshieldς, electrical sockets, electric devices, generators, security, protection, fire safety, entertainment devices. The… FYES home offers more than just automation and remote function management: it “thinks”, “decides” and “acts” guaranteeing maximum technologically possible protection, comfort and economy.

The “FYES home” takes care and creates the appropriate conditions so that you can enjoy it carelessly.

A technologically advanced and, at the same time, user friendly house, which sees to your security and comfort. FYES’s advantage, compared to other automation and total management systems, is the ability to be integrated not only in new, under construction houses, but also in existing, under renovation ones, using the conventional electrical cable structure. FYES’s in-wall controllers are placed at the same spot where wall sockets are usually placed, while its unit panels are placed in the electric panel. Sensors are connected to the nearest unit and not on the main panel, as other systems do. This results into less cable use, easier and quicker installation. FYES!