Ultimate Automation

Crestron is the biggest company worldwide specialized in control and automation systems. There is no operation that Crestron systems cannot control, whether it is a luxurious house, or an office, a school or a hotel.


The presence of the Crestron brand in a house equals to a new, different, carefree lifestyle. Crestron, very simply, makes every remote control in your sight disappear. It nullifies the distance between your comfortable couch by the fireplace and the room’s light dimmer. Every room’s in the house.

In a big house, distances are long and time is valuable. Check your home security, heating, air conditioning, the weather, open the garage door, do everything from the place you rest or work. It not easily believable, but the only thing you need in order to do all the above, the only thing that is visible to you and comes into contact with you, is the touch screen of Crestron’s controller.

In that panel, which is so delicate that it can decorate a fancy coffee table, is your whole house. From the feed of security cameras, to your film archive. And if you still wish for something less extravagant, that is also possible with Crestron: You can control everything from your iOS or Android smart phone! The only thing you have to do is to share your wishes with our technical experts. The rest is Crestron’s business!


Upgrade your lifestyle

Let’s assume that you want to enjoy a movie with your family in the main living room. To do that, you have to complete some other tasks first: Dim the lights, implement shading adjustments, set the air condition to create an ideal environment. Maybe even take a look around the house to make sure everything is fine. Turn off every device that might be operating in other rooms; in the kitchen for example.

Finally, you will have to select a movie, activate the Home Theater system and, at last, take a sit along with the rest of your family in front of the big screen. The difference with Crestron in your life is that you can firstly sit at your comfortable couch and then do all the rest! Yes, Crestron can ultimately change your lifestyle. That’s your choice!

Contact one of Projecting & Sounding ART’s specialized experts

Tell us how is the Smart Home you’ve been dreaming of and we will suggest you how to make it a reality. You don’t have to know any technical terms… That’s our specialty!

For top automation solutions, Projecting & Sounding ART uses Crestron as its certified as well as awarded installer of its products.



Integrating Crestron in your home gives a new, more attractive dimension to your daily routine: your morning awakening, the ability to remote control your home during your absence, when you are listening to music or watching movies, your security or your preparation for night sleep. Furthermore, this American company’s solutions are “Integrated by Design”. This means that its systems are integrated in your house,they are open to upgrades without any mess and noise and achieve maximum completion and control levels.


The absolute reference point in signal central management

DigitalMedia central management is an important part of the main, incomparably efficient automation control, which is implemented by Crestron in residence or business premises. The success of Crestron’s DigitalMedia management system is based on the “Golden Rule”that exists behind each of the company’s successful application. That rule suggests simplifying signal management.

Crestron’s simplifying philosophy is opposite to building rambling systems, which are results of sloppy and technically poor approaches. In the hearth of DigitalMedia system lie all Audio/Video signals, which are sent to the main unit and checked by a matrix system. The main unit is responsible for signal distribution every where in the house.


You can select the indicated signal distribution form – optical fiber, UTP, native form –according to the distances that need to be covered, as well as the network formation, which is based on the owner’s requirements. This American company’s systems stand out for their reliability, their simple operation, the ability to incarnate their operation manner and the interface you come into contact with.

For all these reasons, its systems are the reference point, the obvious choice for every space where central control is what you ask for; from houses to the most complex business and public premises. There is no need to say anything more. Just that you should live with Crestron – and, believe us, we know very well what we say and what we mean.