Amina Technologies

“Invisible” sound”

The innovative low profile loudspeakers of Amina Technologies are truly integrated within your premise’s surfaces, allowing the creation of invisible audio installations for entertainment rooms, meeting rooms, business premises and any other space where visible absence of conventional loudspeakers is allowed.


When we are called to install audio systems in spaces where loudspeaker absence and parallel high audio reproduction quality is required, then the solution to this… weird implementation, is suggested by Amina.

Inspired by musical instruments.

Located in Cambridgeshire, England, Amina studies, optimizes and sets up the most innovative “invisible” loudspeakers, for more than one decade. In order to design a loudspeaker that is opposite to the conventional practices and which will produce sound in its entire surface and through an extremely thin frame, Amina uses the DML (Distributed Mode Loudspeaker) technology.

Based on the way that sound is produced by the vibrations that strings force to musical instruments, such as a guitar or a piano, DML technology uses electronic “diapasons” which convert the incoming signal in thousands micro vibrations in the loudspeakers’ surface. The last is made of an aluminum mixture,simulating a beehive structure, specially designed to diffuse sound in space, almost 100% in every direction.

Out of your sight.

Amina’s loudspeaker installation is – ideally – realized on plasterboard surfaces (it can be done on conventional walls as well). In this way, wiring is implemented easily in an invisible way, while next comes the installation of each Amina unit, according to specific designs.

The technician covers with stucco the surfaces between the loudspeaker and the plasterboard and continues with the rest typical processes (scraping, priming, painting), so that the loudspeaker becomes really a part of the surface. That means that once installation works are over, it will be totally invisible!


See how Amina Technologies loudspeakers are installed.