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We study, design and install the telecommunication system, which will serve not only your current needs but also your future ones.


It is well known that information’s speed and security are of great importance, not only for business data but for personal data as well. Technology and means of communication change daily, testing not only the current installations but technicians’ knowledge too. For example, an installation from the year 2007, which used to cover basic needs, today is old-fashioned and does not use the high internet connection speeds (provided by telecommunication providers), nor offers satisfactory efficiency concerning the internal network.

Of course, when there is no “security” in accessing outgoing and incoming calls and data there is no need to talk about security in voice and information transferring. But, apart from speed and security, in recent years, new technologies are converged and the internet, which used to be totally committed to data transferring, is now responsible for high definition audio and video transmission.

In the future, the need to access data, as well as the volume and the frequency of audiovisual data transmissions via networks, will constantly increase. Internet TV, internet radio and worldwide On Demand content will constantly increase.

The home studies and designs we work on include all modern technologies, regarding telecommunication systems, while they are totally upgradeable, so that they can fully cover future trends. We manage to provide all this, through constant training and the updates we get from the international certifying organization CEDIA, as its foundingmember in Greece and certified with EST level II. Our suggestions include all appropriate types of copper wire, optical fibersand wireless connections for networking your house properly. In this way we guarantee that your house will be technologically up-to-date for many years.

Modus Vivendi by Projecting & Sounding ART provides an extremely flexible and upgradeable system combination, not only for wiring the internal areas of your house but for choosing electronic media as well.

Total adjustment to your real needs is the result of our combinations’ flexibility. Always committed to our philosophy regarding the absence of electronics in visible spotsof your premises, we preserve intact the internal and external decoration of your house, with no technological interventions on its aesthetics whatsoever. Our company designs, installs and programs integrated information and voice data systems, digital call centers, domestic GSM mobile phone network transponders, innovative network systems and internet access systems.

Of course, Modus Vivendi by Projecting &Sounding ART offers you numerous innovative, impressively user friendly solutions. Whatever you wish can be realized just withthe touch of a key.

Children & Protection


Many parents, who worry about the amount of time their children spend on the computer, on video games and telephone communications, want to control their access to all these from their rooms, especially during night hours, between 21:00p.m. to 08:00 a.m… Our company, except for installing access limitation settings for webpages with inappropriate content, offers a discreet and friendly solution, so that there is an access limitation during the days and hours you want, without your children knowing that you are responsible for this limitation.

Health & Security


Many owners want to have the ability to easily activate and deactivate the domestic GSM mobile phone network transponders, as well as the wireless network Wi-Fi, whenever they want, not only for security reasons but because of radiation as well. Our systems give you the opportunity not just to “turn on and off” your wireless networks, but also choose which network you need to be activated and in which areas. All that, with the touch of a key on a touch screen!

Always Together Covering Your Office Needs


Those of you who work from home, or spend your free time with your family, sometimes don’t want your clients to be informed that you are “busy” or “out of the office” when they call at your company. At Projecting & Sounding ART,using our modern telecommunication solutions, we can make your home telephone receive calls as if it was one of your company’s internal phone lines.

So, the telephone operator, or your office answering machine, using an “internal number” connects you from your home, without making it perceivable to the caller. On the contrary to what happens with call forwarding. Of course, with this smart solutionyou can do the exact opposite: call from your house anyone you want and, since the call is made through your company’s telecommunication system, let him see on his telephone device your office phone number!

Those of you who travel a lot, can enjoy the convenience of this particular Projecting & Sounding ART’s solution from everywhere on the planet, in every country. Wherever in the world you are, you can have your office phone with you!

Modus Vivendi by Projecting & Sounding ART covers all of your current and future telecommunication needs perfectly, delivering a user-friendly solution which complies with your home’s technological and aesthetic style.