Your personal Fort Knox!

A well-designed study, based on modern and quality products, properly installed by technical experts, will protect you and discourage any would-be intruders.


One of the most important features, which you are invited to choose while designing your house, is definitely the security system. A well-designed study, based on modern and quality products, properly installed by technical experts, will protect you and discourage any would-be intruders. Still, this is not the only thing that domestic security systems can provide successfully.One of the most important issues which are widely discussed with the owners, who ask for inaccessible security systems, is whether their house will still resemblea house at the end of the project or a…fortress!

We are sure that you have noticed how much the external appearance of beautiful buildings, and outdoor areas in general,have changed, because of cameras, monitors and sirens – and tend to remind more of … the Alcatraz rather than extravagant houses. This is mostly because security companies usually suggest putting their products in a prominent position of the house. Possibly, this works perfectly for protecting business premises, a store, a bank or a government building, but it is absolutely not the ideal solution for a luxurious house.


We would never agree to mar the aesthetics of any premises in the name of increasing protection measures, which – nowadays – should be unquestionably very high, nor make the owners or their guests feel nervous watching everywhere around cameras, sirens and radars. All these are simply not a choice for our company, because we desire to achieve maximum security for our projects, while providing perfect discretion!

The unique series Modus Vivendi by Projecting & Sounding ART suggests security systems, that not only protect with high security your house, but also decrease the policing and monitoring stress you may have experienced at family’s and friend’s houses.


How we make it happen? Our study is not only about covering the premise’s features. But also the needs of combining all materials with the architecture and internal design of the house! So, we design, in total collaboration with the project’s architect, cameras hiding solutions, detectors, keyboards, as well as discrete installation of sirens. We provide various automation solutions and motion and hiding systems so that, for example, a thermal camera “appears” only while you use it!

In Projecting & Sounding ART when we say “security system” we mean anything that’s most hi-tech, inviolable and friendly to the user and can protect you and your beloved ones. If you believe that security and aesthetics are two concepts with valuable meanings, then we are sure that Modus Vivendi by Projecting & Sounding ART is the “Lifestyle” you were looking for!

Our company has the most innovative branded products, and designs numerous hi-tech solutions for installing and hiding security systems,in order to enjoy maximum security, with zero aesthetic interventions in your premises. Examplesof the solutions we include in our projects are:high definition cameras, of visual or thermal imaging, micro-motion and infrared detectors of human presence, precision smoke, fire, chemical and flammable gases detectors, access and control biometric systems, protection and defense rooms (also known as panic rooms), hiding and “disappearing” rooms, deposit boxes and safes.