Audio and Video. With the touch of a key.

We convert plain and incomprehensible technology, into friendly, for every member of the family!


The houses we usually visit are equipped with great audio and video systems. These systems are, at most cases, so difficult to use, that none of the family’s members can enjoy them, except maybe for the owner, who is a technology enthusiast.

In these houses, despite the fact that there may exist a high-tech multizone audio system of thousands of euros cost, it is actually not the exception to the rule to see the lady of the house listening to the radio in the Livingroom and the kids listening to their favorite music from an iPod. Unfortunately, despite the high purchase cost, a poorly installed and programmed system is very difficult to use, it creates problems and has significantly limited capabilities.

Now home entertainment reaches new levels thanks to Projecting & Sounding ART’s Modus Vivendi.

With deep knowledge in the fields of installation and programming, we combine all audio and video systems in one uniform platform, so that they can be used by all the members of the family, regardless of age, in a friendly and comprehensive way.

The experience we have gained from numerous projects has made it clear to us, that in most cases domestic Audio/Video systems tend to be difficult in use because of the use of numerous and complex remote controls. Remote controls that can be used by only one person – usually the owner – resulting to a situation where nothing works…once he is not at home!

It is not easy at all for a lady, or for some elder person, to handle, more often…six remote controls, and to know their use, so that they press the right keys, in the right order to see a movie or a TV series. Even the simplest systems have remote controls for each device: for receiver, projector, TV, Blu-ray or DVD, Nova, Media player and so on. So, imagine how difficult it is to use more complicated systems with autonomous video and audio processors and more sources…


An example of an American made wireless remote control, with high screen resolution and ability to use the logos of television and radio stations for easier search and selection of the program you are interested in!

When pressing the key “Watch NOVA”, for example, we set the system to activate the projector, the receiver, to turn to their right digital input, with the right audio decoding and, finally, activate NOVA. The touch screen will automatically display all TV channels along with their logos, so that with the touch of a key you can watch any channel you like without memorizing numbers!

At the end, with the touch of a key again, the whole system turns off and gets in a stand-by mode!


Apart from simplifying modern technology, our company can provide you a solution of unique aesthetics to fit exactly with the decorating style of your house. It is true that, usually, when we want to listen to the music or see a movie, the variety and complexity of the required electronic devices “destroy” the architecture and internal decoration of our house.

A television, no matter how slim or flat or any other way its aesthetic is, when it is not operating, it is still a big, black, dominant object in the room. The same goes for loudspeakers too, which not only take up your precious space, but also suggest styles and colors that you have to tolerate, forcing an aesthetic view, which many times is either old-fashioned or against the decorative style you have already chosen.

We make technology disappear and leave your home aesthetics intact!

Our solution suggests nothing but “erasing” every device from your favorite areas. Projecting & Sounding ART’s Modus Vivendi suggests you listen to your favorite music from “invisible” built-in loudspeakers, or see a movie on your huge living room TV, which will “disappear” in the wall, in the ceiling, in a piece of furniture or even in the floor,  as soon as the movie ends!


Example of a hidden TV in a pieceof furniture, with automatic electric elevation. Our specialized technical team will study your needs and the specificities of your premises and will suggest the best ways of hiding and moving a TV of any size you wish!

It is not really an exaggeration to claim that we truly banish devices from the places you live. Still, the performance of our Audio/Video systems will always leave you speechless, not only you but your most demanding friends, too. Your house will be equipped with an invisible high tech system of great performance,which will be regarded with jealousy from ambitious facilities with huge loudspeakers, endless wiring on the floors that end up to devices with…colorful “Christmas” lights.


Example of “invisible loudspeakers” hidden in a piece of furniture. Innovative appliance on wooden surfaces, excellent sound and zero aesthetic intervention! Note that in the 1st photo, where the loudspeaker is shown, the back cover has been removed for photo shooting reasons.

Generally, our technical study gathers all required electronic equipment in one room, which is specified by the architect as Server Room. Still, this is not a panacea. In the Server Room, electronics are installed in the best possible way and operate under ideal air conditioning conditions. In cases where the absence of some devices from the places you want is not possible, those devices are placed in special hidden racks into closets, while achieving perfect operating conditions, according to special specifications, set by certification organizations like CEDIA®.

In gardens and in outdoor areas in general, the Modus Vivendi solutions offer unique aesthetics and performance. Loudspeakers in forms and shapes that remind us of flowers are “planted” in the ground, in flower pots or flower beds so that they match the landscape gardening. Waterproof,high brightnesstelevisions suitable for every hour, giant LED-Walls 201’’ which can be folded and disappear in the ground when they are not used. And not only these: summer cinemas construction of great quality for all of you who miss summer cinemas of our childhood.

In internal pools, saunas, spa and other areas with great humidity concentration levels, where the average lifetime of electronic products will decrease rapidly, the Modus Vivendi series offers solutions. For audio coverage, the “invisible” loudspeakers are the smartest choice, not only because they keep the areas’ aesthetics intact but also because they are not destroyed, since they do not come into contact with the liquid environment. Furthermore, in such places we put waterproof televisions, which can disappear from common view either in furniture or in the wall. In houses of wide spaces, we can achieve video-projecting by using special dehumidifying systems.


Furthermore, technology helps freeing yourself from the need to organize and file your numerous collections of CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray or photos and videos. Using modern digital storage systems, you are given the opportunity to keep and have available at any time all of your favorite movies, music and photos and also have the ability to enjoy them in every space of your house, any time, with no loss whatsoever, and with great video and audio quality.

We convert hundreds of discs into a delightful movie & music library!

Our systems distribute music through any of the house’s loudspeakers while they provide information about performers, songs, actors, directors and, of course, photos of the CD, DVD and Blu-ray covers. There are some simpler solutions, which “promise” similar operations, but in most cases, customers are unsatisfied due to low functionality and difficulty in use.


Also, frequently, customers highlight…impatiently their demand for particularly expensive systems, in order to keep CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays within a system’s device. The system allows music and movie reproduction only if it keeps the disk savedin its interior, a choice that is characterized irrational even by our company’s technicians. For example, you may want to enjoy the same disc in your car or at a friendly house.

The functionality excellence of Audio/Video servers systems, which we include in our projects, is great because the Modus Vivendi Principle binds us that your Life Style must not change due to technology. For this reason, our experts test all modern products intensively, using our privately owned practical equipment, which is better even from the equivalent testing equipment for electronic devices, used by Special Press magazines in Greece and abroad.

Using advanced environmental simulation tests, harder than your house’s, we guarantee that our suggestion will be ideal, well-documented and durable. From the variety of new products that are flooding the market, we test and reject 99% of them and  keep for you only the best 1%, which will prove it  offers the best possibilities, 24/7 operating reliability and, of course, the simpler, more user-friendly use, according to the Modus Vivendi Principles.

Taking for granted zero aesthetic intervention in your house areas and rooms, as promoted by Modus Vivendi, your video library and television signals, terrestrial and satellite, are transferred from the central system in the Server Room to every room of your house. At the same time, every audio/video high resolution and definition signal remains intact in terms of quality. Using modern wiring methods you enjoy all High Definition programs, such as the British SKY HD+, and also the Greek NOVA and OTE  TV, in every room of your house, without the need of a decoder device next to every TV.

Modus Vivendi, Projecting & Sounding ART’s audiovisual suggestion, is unique.

No sight of technology within the premises. Maximum entertainment, with the touch of a key…