Delete the…technological siege and remember the simple Life Style that you used to know… Before electronics attack!

Relax. Try to remember the fascination of tranquility and simplicity, far from the technological mess that daily surrounds you. Yes, technology is dominant around us. It is an integral part of our lives. Whether we like it or not, we daily use tens of electronic devices, for the use of which we need to get trained, which is far from simple. Technology demands our effort and time. Not only because of the huge number and variety of devices that surround us, allegedly to make our lives easier: mobile phones, remote controls, laptops, tablets, GPS and more…

Most of those devices are made to operate autonomously; each one has its own, special operation. And more importantly? In most cases there is no providence whatsoever about how these devices could be combined together,complement each other or be a part of a group that promotes our Life Style. The truth is that, no matter howfascinating and useful those modern solutions are presented in “modern house” magazines, in practice their use is difficult. That happens simply because they are not destined to satisfy the needs of your family, they are not designed specifically for you. “One Size Fits All” is good, but the tailor’s work is incomparable.


We turn the tables.

We invite you to meet the simple, friendly, comprehensive side of technology.

Talk with us. There will be no technological “must” or “limits” to your demands. On the contrary, you will see that all of your needs can be realized the way you want. Dare to ask us what you wish for, what other companies describe as “impossible”. Projecting & Sounding ART has the know-how, the ability and fantasy to transform inelegant and abstruse technology into friendly and pleasant.


Suggesting innovative and unique solutions we have managed to adapt technology to your taste, no matter what that is. We provide various, high quality solutions, which are combined in order to let technology serve your exact needs. Just like a smart “digital butler”, itwould serve you tirelessly, without mistakes, without making any objections… Ask us to remind you what pleasant, secure and peaceful life means, in the most enjoyable way.

Ask us what is obvious.

To maintain your Life Style!