The Center of Entertainment!

Aesthetics focused and technically well-designed home theaters are the center of entertainment in a modern house.


A place dedicated to the 7th Art, destined to host inside it all the emotionsthat a viewer can possibly experience by watching the best movie productions ever produced in the history of cinema. From the gentletenderness that a romantic movie produces, to the soaring adrenaline caused by an action movie, every emotion related to the success of an international cinema history can be recaptured in your world, in your Home Theater.

Your personal theater must have the power to get you in the director’s world and get the actors’ vision and performances recaptured before your eyes.Just the way they were filmed on the set.

The establishments’ role is of great importance regarding the quality of your film journey. Your home theater must have the engaging aura and audiovisual power to seduce your senses, to “transport” you to the place and time of the film, to make you a part of it. Before even the beginning of screening, the theater itself conveys a special sense.


The big comfortable seats, the side stairs by the seat row, the soft carpet, the wallpapers, the lighting, the foreground, the scrim, the curtain that reveals the big screen…everything is a unique piece of the unique artistic puzzle, called theater feeling. Without all the pieces of the puzzle or by misplacing them, it will be very difficult for the film cells to release all the hidden emotion, just as it happens in the most impressive movie theaters.

See the T3 magazine feature on Home Theaters, based on the Projecting & Sounding ART’s standards.

In a dedicated Home Theater, just like in commercial cinemas, we experience its power before even stepping into it. Pleasure begins by following the same emotion sequence, with the same “sanctity” and the same order. This is something that is impossible to be provided by Home Cinemas, which are usually built in common living room areas, where the viewers “see”, or at least “watch” a movie, but not “experience” it.


Projecting & Sounding ART, having designed and built some of the country’s best Home Theaters, has the most modern know-how to realize such a project. Furthermore, it is a founding member of the international organization CEDIA®, which specifies the technical principles on which Home Theaters are realized. It has been awarded three times in international contests for the perfection of its projects and has also gained much more honors and nominations. All these honors have set Projecting & Sounding ART high in the list of certified designers and installers, in international level.

Our services totally cover the creation of a high standards home theater. They include the premise’s 3D planning, implementation of all internal constructions and decorations, silent ventilation and air conditioning installations, audiovisual isolation from the rest of the house, audio optimization of the room, conduction of the material and audiovisual means list. In the next level, we complete the exact micro-settings of all video and audio devices, according to specifications, so that you enjoy your equipment’s efficiency 100%. When your project is delivered, you will get in your hands a complete file with all the technical details, parameters, settings and measurements of your home theater. The project completes with internal decoration, which is always based on high aesthetic standards and conforms to your own taste.