The whole family plays together!

Make the recreation center that you’ve always been dreaming of, come true. Enjoy endless hours of fun with your family and all of your friends!


Imagine a place, especially designed to spend the most quality time, time that brings the whole family together. Spaces which are uniquely yours, where you and your friends will have fun, relax together and entertain yourselves by playing. For every case, Projecting & Sounding ART has all the solutions that you could ever imagine.

Playrooms are usually multidimensional activity rooms within a house, or outdoor spaces in a free garden area, dedicated to Fun and Entertainment. They are not just an underground living room with a big TV, as usually is thought to be. The real Playroom is an Entertainment “Temple” for everyone in the house. With no exceptions. And, the most important?

It’s not only for children!

Our solutions are innovative and unique because they combine every possible entertaining dimension. Besides, not everyone has fun with the same “games”. In collaboration with the project’s architect, or exclusively with our trained designers, we bring every form of entertainment directly in your house: Bowling, billiard areas, mini home theaters, interactive video games and, of course, Gentlemen Sports Corners with the classic American Bar!

Behind every Playroom lies the excellent technological foundation, which our experts guarantee to integrate. This foundation is suitable to support all modern audiovisual formats, while it guarantees duration of the project, along with regard to support any available future upgrades. In the playrooms we gather all Audio/Video typesthat exist in your house, which are integrated ideally. With user-friendly operation you can enjoy music, movies and games for all!

Fun-4-All solutions for Projecting & Sounding ART’s Playrooms bring the real dimension of entertainment to your house.