Networked home. Plain and simple.

Music and videos “travel” all over the house, achieving great performances and unique usability.


You must have noticed that the way we listen to our favorite music has totally changed. A few years ago, we could listen to the music in one or two rooms in a house. In the main living room or lounge room there was the good, expensive sound system, which was, still, not accessible by all the members of the family. In order to achieve high stereo levels, big loudspeakers were used, which were usually combined with big, heavy and expensive enough constructions.

In some cases, in order to listen to the music in the rest of the house, besides the living room area, an integrated mini audio system was used, which was possibly smaller and easier to use, but offered indulgently medium audio performances. Still, the problems of the “past” do not end there: The “safari” of searching the house to find your CDs – and cassettes, further back in the past – was a “bet” that you were trying to win, but not always successfully.

Music “travels” all over the house!

But, all the above belong to the “past”. Today, domestic audiovisual entertainment has no such restrictions. Music “travels” all over the house,achieving excellent audio performances and unique user-friendly operation. Today, we are able to play music in every room of the house with accuracy and great performance, just as we do in our living room. With nobig, dominant loudspeakers and stereo systems. From the bedrooms to the kitchen, and from the dining room to your garden area, our user-friendly technology will truly surprise you.

The systems we install usually consist of a central unit, which is boosted with extension units, to cover the needs of big houses. There are no wiring traces in our systems!

The most important is that you can easily and directly choose the music you love from tens of available sources: terrestrial, satellite and internet radio stations, CD Players, Mp3 players, Audio Servers, Walkman, iPod, iPhone, Tablets, Smartphones, PC and anything else you wish and can imagine! Anywhere in the house, just by using a touch screen with beautiful graphic environment, you can choose the source you wish to listen to (i.e. CD Player), the song and, of course, the room in which you want to enjoy it: in the same room you are, in another room, or even in the whole house!


CDs, radio, old cassettes, vinyl… Unquestionably, nostalgic eras for the elder among us, but not at all practical for the busy people of our time. Now, as mentioned, things have changed ultimately. All of your favorite music can be in the hard disc of a personal computer or in just one iPod.

A music library full with CDs and LPs, which would take great space in a house, can now be saved in a tiny box, which most of the times is no bigger than a cigarette pack! Don’t rush to determine that the size of the storage medium equals the quality of the sound. Modern miracles happen thanks to the progress of digital technology. Thus, the systems we install use the exactly same recording and reproduction form, which is used in CDs, resulting to no data loss whatsoever.

Songs are saved in the same uncompressed file form, as in the original disc, so that you have the exact same audio result and with many strong-points regarding its operation. The system, in which music is saved, is self-protected and self-repaired, it is not vulnerable to wrong operations, it can’t be scratched, and it doesn’t suffer from plastics aging and other physical damages, which are responsible for CDs’ and vinyl’s aging over the years. Except for music itself, our systems save automatically the CD covers, the crews who helped recording the CDs, while with given web-links you can have access to rich information about the albums and artists of your collection.

15All the discs are automatically categorized in the system, alphabetically, by artist and album name, by music type and by date! In an easy and simple manner, you can search any song, album, of any artist you like, and start listening to it in just a few seconds. You can very easily connect the system to every room, to your personal Apple devices and even extend your music library infinitely,with the music that is stored in those devices. With the Multiroom systems we suggest, you can create tens of list containing your favorite songs, for your own convenience and pleasure.

Include in these lists any and as many songs as you like, to hear them however and whenever you want. Choose your favorites by music type or according to some activity. For example, soft music for diner, for relaxation, to entertain your children or accompany their games, or party rhythms when you hang out with your friends…  Let our system play your favorite music hour after hour. Besides, that is why it’s been designed for…

You will have in your hands something that, a few years ago, seemed unbelievable: Your full music collection, without having to search for it!Without cabinets full with disks and CDs, without devices of medium aesthetics in your premises, and, most importantly, without having to get a degree in electronics to be able to use it. All music available to everyone, with the touch of a key. Pleasure is here!

Our unique solutions extend beyond the sound. You can enjoy the same convenience in videos!

With new, hi-tech systems, high definition and quality videos and sound (Full HD, 3D) are “distributed” and transferred uncompressed to every room of your house, through Blu-ray disks, DVDs and satellite receivers. With no signal conversions, with the exact same high quality, as offered by the original disk. Our rationalized solutions reduce the number of the needed devices in your premises – reducing, at the same time, and the purchase cost – and, most importantly, provide the opportunity to enjoy a program, no matter what the rest of the family watches, at the same time, in different areas of the house.

What would you say if you had a library with hundreds of blockbuster movies? Movies that have been awarded with the greatest Oscars? With memorable acting performances? Unfortunately, until this day, there existed only one way to enjoy your favorite movies, at any time.

By creating a disc or a cassette collection. DVD or Blu-ray collections never were a simple matter. Just like music CDs, collections get bigger and bigger and demand more and more space to store them, making your everyday life difficult, affecting of course our pleasure, too. The most important difficulty that people with big collections have to deal with is how to organize them.

Organizing our collection is a must in order to be able to find easily a movie. Important conditions are to keep a specific order and create a detailed file with all our movies – a file that must be always be updated. Organizing demands a significant amount of your time, while it creates more stress, since what we are actually called to do, is to act like a Video Club employee. Furthermore, what we would call “basic organizing” is not satisfying in terms of utility.

Projecting & Sounding ART has a series of unique suggestions to keep your favorite movies and have immediate access to them. Your movies are digitized and saved electronically, without affecting their content, their characteristics or their quality.


Simplicity in operation is guaranteed, since every movie gets a unique, immediately recognizable “identity”,to help its search and reproduction. Forget about searching on shelfs and cabinets. Your entire movie library is fully displayed, with every cover, on your TV or projector screen! Live behind the annoying search for the children’s animation disk, which, as always, is lost somewhere around the house…

Free yourselves once and for all from the familiar problems of stained, scratched or destroyed discs. Your movies are now in digital form, while the original DVDs and Blu-rays are no longer used, and thus they are not destroyed. All movies that are saved in your system are organized, either alphabetically or by movie type or by production year.

17By categorizing movies by type, you can organize the entire movie library automatically in categories, i.e. action or drama. At the same time, the movie trailer is also available to watch and make sure it’s indeed the movie you are interested in. Also, you get the opportunity to search the movies of your collection using further criteria, such as favorite actors, directors or other crew members.

There is no need to say, that you can start the movie you want to see, at any time! Every movie is fully displayed on TV or projector screens, or even on tablets and smartphones. There are also available: the special artwork that goes with the movie, movie summary, audio band formats, subtitles, movie length, as well as its honors and viewers’ rating, through the famous IMDb – We saved the best for last: All annoying “Warning” and advertisements have been removed, in order to enjoy your movie the best possible way!


Movie library systems provided by our company, include low budget solutions as well as fully automated applications. No matter which one you choose, with our help, it will be unique and the best of the market. At Projecting & Sounding ART, since we install and customize ourselves each of our systems, we suggest what best fits your needs and budget.

Not just a “fixed” solution that will simply not serve you. We are sure that you won’t find more modern and more “mature” solutions for your digital movie library, than the ones we have to suggest. A visit at Projecting & Sounding ART’s demo rooms will convince you.

Enjoy terrestrial and satellite radio and TV programs achieving the highest possible quality.

Modern, technological audiovisual progress is not an exclusive “cinema advantage”. Besides, TV programs’ quality has been significantly upgraded by the new recording and transmitting formats. For many years, our company distributes terrestrial and satellite radio and TV programs, providing the highest possible quality in every room of a house, no matter its size.

You must remember the old central systems, which used to distribute only one channel, from the satellite receiver to the antenna’s wires, using the method of “signal return line”, making that channel available to the rest TVs of the house. As you had possibly noticed, this distribution method degraded the audiovisual quality badly, in comparison to direct connection between receiver and TV. Of course, high definition channels were out of the question.


A bad or even low quality,signalcannot make good use of the possibilities that modern Full HD televisions offer, which are found in every house nowadays. This practically means that with bad reception and distribution the display quality will be the same or even worse than the old, huge CRT televisions used to offer.

Our company has the most modern solutions to distribute the high definition audiovisual signal (Full HD and 3D) of British, Greek, Russian and many other bouquets, from every satellite, to every room of your house, without compression, without transformation and audiovisual degradation. Forget the time when you had to put a satellite receiver next to every television.

By having one and only subscription to the package you choose, you can have access to great shows, independently in every room, with high definition video and sound. With no signal compression whatsoever, with excellent audiovisual quality, all the channels, even the newest 3D and HD channels, are distributed without problems to all the rooms of your house.

We can guarantee you that, with Projecting & Sounding ART, your pleasure will be limitless and with no expiration date. Our solutions are extremely easy in usage and provide the opportunity to watch the best movies of your movie library, in a way that even the most modern commercial movie theaters would envy. As well as watching all TV programs, from any room you wish, with excellent quality, in High Definition!