All the fun you can have outdoors, now available in your own home. A thousand ways to entertain yourselves!

From listening to a classic rock hit that takes you way back to your student years, the last trendy news from Hollywood that interests your wife, to the hilarious 3D animation of Scrat, kids’ most favorite squirrel, all forms of entertainment had and always has the same goal: touch our most sensitive side. Offer us emotion, laughter, fun…entertainment!

Still, in our days, the real Home Entertainment is not something that can be easily achieved, because of the many possibilities and choices we have. Fun and home entertainment are concepts that are often misunderstood and are identified with simply listening to the music from an iPod, or a stereo, or watching movies on a big TV screen or projector.


Actually, under these circumstances it is difficult to develop same tastes in entertaining, and in order to do so, you need more than that. Other times, even if everyone wants the same thing, bad designing or sloppiness in the implementation of various solutions, fail to offer us that something “unique” that’s missing, and that would make us and our friends have a really great time. In that case, good old commercial ways to have fun, such as multiplex, malls or even bars, are the only way to go.

Yes, “going out” includes the concept of social intercourse, but many times it is the result of our weakness  to have fun, entertain ourselves, meet our friends and have a great time at our own place. We “go out” because our house does not have all the means needed to make us have fun and entertain ourselves properly.

Projecting & Sounding ART completely changes the way you used to consider what is fun, and takes entertainment back to the place it belongs. Back to Home!

We are getting entertainment back to home and transform your house, in order to provide endless and unconventional fun. Either for you and your family, or frienIn every case, children will be the most thrilled of all: they will see your house with different eyes, they will be happy to stay and have fun in it, they will call their friends over and have great moments with you!


Besides, the greatest dream for us all, when building a house, is to spend quality time with our family. We wish our house to resemble a live “cell” that will gather us all to rest and have dinner and keep us together the rest of the time, providing us with top entertainment and fun. Our company doesn’t have a magic wand. But, our know-how about modern domestic ways of having fun and entertaining generally exceeds the highest demands and expectations of our customers.

The experience we have gained over the years allows us to transform every room and every space into a special place of relaxation and entertainment. We really offer tens of tailor-made entertainment solutions. What should we mention first? Creating modern cinemas in some forgotten area of the basement? The opportunity to watch international sport events and new TV series in High Definition? 3D Video Games and Cinema outdoors, on Video Walls?

Your choices are endless, so are our suggestions. Be sure that every member of your family will find unbelievable ways to have fun with our innovative ideas and solutions! At Projecting & Sounding ART, when we say Fun-4-All we mean real Domestic Entertainment for all children: from 3 to 103 years old! “Click” on the solutions we offer and, if you don’t find what you dream of, then…just call us!