Ultimate Control


The bigger a yacht is, the more cabins exist, with equivalent requirements in control devices for every individual space. The existence of switches and other electronic control methods, usually create an unpractical setup, which demands physical presence; for example, switching off the television in the children’s cabin.

All entertainment systems, security system detectors for the entire yacht, lighting and shading control and internal and external area security cameras, are a complicated set of parameters, which – nonetheless – youwish to be able to control directly, reliably and simply.

Projecting & Sounding ART’s solution comes in the form of complete control consoles with advanced Graphical User Interface, which display, in the most comprehensible way, all the information provided by the “brain” of the main automation system.

In simple terms, no matter where you are on the yacht, you can see what your cameras display, which cabins are used by passengers, control lighting and shading systems, activate the theater system to prepare the night screening… And many more!