Smart & Economical


A yacht is obviously not a smart home, but it surely shares a part in the intelligence “game” regarding routine activities in its areas, as well as conditions that may affect it during the day.

For Projecting & Sounding ART the concept of a smart sea cruiser is based on the careful study of the automation system and adoption of the latest standards, which are all combined and adjusted to your own routine by our specialized experts.

Smart automated control systems with energy saving ability, are combined in the personal, invisible “butler”, who will take on, for example, to balance the levels of natural and artificial light in the living rooms and the rest of the areas. Or to automatically activate or deactivate the lights in some areas, depending on the presence or absence of individuals in them.

No matter how complicated the realization of this dream is, regarding wiring, detectors’ installation and final operation, the final product that you will be able to enjoy will include a system that is easy in use, not only for children but for the elderly as well, while it will think and fulfill your needs before even expressing them.

At Projecting & Sounding ART we are certified for our technical expertise in installing systems that can provide all the conveniences mentioned above!