Our Certifications

Projecting & Sounding ART is certified by the world’s leading image and sound organizations.


CEDIA® is the most important international association, which operates in the field of designing and installing domestic electronic systems.

Projecting & Sounding ART is a founding member of CEDIA in Greece.



These systems include networks, automations and communication systems, covering additional functional fields, such as lighting, security and cooling, heating and air conditioning systems. In countries with tradition in designing and installing custom installations, such as the USA, the CEDIA® certification is mandatory for a company that operates in the field of electronic systems installation. The designing and realization of Home Cinemas and various areas of Domestic Entertainmentare a special chapter in the creation of a luxurious house in Europe and in America.


Projecting & Sounding ART is one of the founding members of the CEDIA® organization in Greece and the first company in Greece, whose founder, Mr. Vaggelis Lamprou, has the EST II – Electronic Systems Technician level II certification. As a member of the internationally recognized CEDIA® organization, Projecting & Sounding ART’s human resources are under constant training, according to the highest standards of the field. The CEDIA® certification, combined with the feeling of responsibility and the experience in designing and realization of Domestic Premises of great standards, assures the customers of Projecting & Sounding ART that they enjoy great services during the realization of the project and full support after its completion.

Find here our registration in the members list of CEDIA®



THX® is known world-wide thanks to the technologies it implements to Commercial and Domestic Cinemas.

 Topping the list of certifications that Projecting & Sounding ART holds is the certification held by Mr. Evaggelos Lamprou as THX® Certified Professional. The certification that Projecting & Sounding ART holds is the most important among the certifications that THX® provides and is related to the Video Calibration Level I & II in Home Theater Environment.


Find us in the official website of THX Certified Installers.


The ISF® – Imaging Science Foundation – is probably the most recognizable and authoritative international organization, which operates in the Imaging industry, for the exclusive purpose of optimizing the image provided by electronics.

ISF® has an advisory role towards manufacturers, at the stage of product development. Numerous famous manufacturers are customers of the ISF®. Among many others are: Barco, BenQ, Bose, Epson, Harman, Hitachi, HP, InFocus Intel, LG, JVC, Microsoft, Minolta, Mitsubishi, Monster Cable, NEC, NVIDIA, Optoma, Panasonic, Pioneer, Pixelworks, Runco, Stewart Filmscreen, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Yamaha.


Evaggelos Lamprou, founder of Projecting & Sounding ART (right), with Ko. Joel Silver, President of ISF®, during the certification procedures.

The ISF® provides theoretical and practical training in order to make comprehensible the Calibration process, the digital imaging principles and its standards. The ISF® certified professionals can provide their customers with perfect imaging, service and support. The certification is awarded after exams and requires investment in imaging control equipment.

Projecting & Sounding ART is the company with the highest certification level in Greece, with ISF Level II certification.


The ISF® provides two kind of licensing. The one is based on complying with the standards of functionality in image reproduction – video. The second is the ISFccc, which refers to the HDTV products and suggests that these devices are designed in a way to accept ISF calibrations and save its equivalents in presets.


The HAA® is an international organization for training professionals who operate exclusively in the field of domestic area acoustics.

HAA’s goal is to promote and spread the most correct and efficient acoustics designing for domestic areas, as well as using special acoustic calibration techniques to achieve this goal. Members of the HAA® organization are manufacturers, Audio/Video professionals, as well as individuals who aim for audio excellence.


At the same time, HAA® promotes and encourages its member’s collaboration and combination of ideas and techniques, with the ultimate goal of excellent audio performance. Projecting & Sounding ART is a part of the HAA® and its founder, Mr. Vaggelis Lamprou holds an HAA Level I Certification. An HAA® certified professional is in position:

To design an audio system and make further proposals about making it better.


To recognize and cost more complicated modifications, which are demanded in order to optimize audio performance, such as loudspeakers’ reinstallation or the addition of further equipment (i.e. a subwoofer).


To evaluate its acoustics, take performance measurements and write down all audio parameters relevant to potential audio improvement. Such parameters are Response Optimization, Sound Field Optimization and provision of measurements that show the audio optimization achieved.


When the Crestron brand is present in a house it equals to a new, different, carefree life style. Crestron, very simply, makes every remote control in your sightdisappear. It nullifies the distance between your comfortable couch by the fireplace and the room’s light dimmer. Every room’sin the house.

In a big house, distances are long and time is valuable. Check your house’s security, heating, air conditioning, the weather, open the garage door, do everything from the place you rest or work. It not easily believable, but the only thing you need, to do all the above, the only thing that is visible to you and comes into contact with you, is the touch screen of the Crestron controller.

In that panel, which is so delicate that it can decorate a fancy coffee table, is your whole house. From the feed ofsecurity cameras,to your film archive. And if you still wish for something less extravagant, that is also possible with Crestron: You can control everything from your iOS or Android smart phone! The only thing you have to do is to share your wishes with our technical experts. The rest is Crestron’s business!



Certified Service

Projecting & Sounding ART is a Greek representative of the top series JVC Reference Series projectors, as well as a fully licensed and certified service point (with 3 year guarantee), in exclusive collaboration with the Japanese company.