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Most suggestions for “smart” houses go as far as simple operations. We take it many steps further forward.


When selecting a “smart” home system, you usually get suggestions about products that provide the ability to control some of your home equipment, such as lights, roller shutters, shades etc. Maybe you have in mind products that give you the ability of “total control”. Still, these products demand your intervention, too. What is that? The most precious thing: your time!

Most suggestions for “smart” homes go as far as simple operations. For example, they give you the ability to turn out all the lights by pressing a button, even when you are outside the house.  Another ability they provide is to open and close a room’s roller shutters, curtains and shades from many switches around the house, or turn on the garden lights using a timer switch. Can all the above be really considered as persuasive“smart home” examples?

In Projecting & Sounding ART we go many steps further forward. We would call a house “smart” if it could “think” focusing on its residents’ security, economy and comfort. It has to undertake routine responsibilities daily, with no interventions whatsoever. “Make decisions” when its residents are absent, protect the house and inform them using all available means of communication. Simplify everyday life, memorize and realize its residents’ wishes.

To make all the above a bit simpler, we created the following scenarios, which provide a small sample of the services we provide to our customers, always under the terms of security, comfort, air conditioning and energy saving.



While the lady is cooking dinner, she gets an emergency phone call and has to leave the house hastily. Unfortunately, she forgets to turn the cooker off…

Our company’s “smart” control system, after monitoring the stoves’ energy consumption, gets in stand-by mode, because the presence sensors on the ceiling do not detect any human presence. So, a countdown starts, and as soon as three minutes pass, it sends a message to all the areas equipped with touch screens, that the cooker is operating but not attended by anyone! From these touch screens, if the lady was in the house, she could either renew the time or “remember” dinner preparation and get back in the kitchen.

Still, in our example, the lady is not at home and the kitchen is now in fire danger. The system, since it gets no commands from the touch buttons and still detects no human presence, makes a call or sends a message to chosen telephone numbers and informs them about the situation in the kitchen. The lady, by answering to those calls or messages, could either renew the time or give the command to turn off the stoves!

But, as we mentioned in the beginning of the example, the lady left the house hastily and forgot her mobile phone there. After two more minutes pass and since the system still gets no answer, it takes crucial action: It turns immediately the stoves off by cutting their electrical supply and eliminates this way any unpleasant surprises!



The owner comes back home late at night. The rest of the family is sleeping and the system is under Night Mode from midnight until 7 a.m.

When the owner opens the main entrance, disarms the alarm and the areas’ lights automatically turn on in very low level, about 10%. In this way, the owner avoids disturbing the night peace in the house, because of the low-level lighting, and he is able to move anywhere in the house easily.

Once he enters a room, the lights turn on at 10% while, at the same time, the lights of the room he left turn out. Without touching any switches, the “smart home” creates for him a shining path so that he can reach his bedroom or any other room.

In another example, the same lighting scenario will occur when the lady of the house gets out of bed in the middle of the night. She won’t have to look for any switches or close her eyes because of the bright light. Furthermore, her husband will not get disturbed, since the motion detectors will turn slightly the lights on at the areas she wants to go and keep lighting her way until she gets back in her bedroom.

In both of our examples, the real smart home understands its residents’ movements, handles accordingly the touch and switching off of the lights, without any contact with switches, providing comfort and security.

Air Conditioning and Energy Saving


It is early in the morning. The temperature controls check temperature and humidity, both indoors and outdoors. Having set in the system 07:00 a.m. as the family’s default wake up hour for weekdays, the smart house evaluates climate conditions at 06:00 a.m.

If it estimates that there is a low-comfort level in the house, it activates cooling or heating, modulating this way the temperature and humidity, so that at 7 a.m. the residents of the house start their day in a comfortable environment. Later on, when every member of the family leaves the house, the system stops immediately to save energy.

But a really “smart” home does not stop here! On Weekends and holidays, when the family rests more, it delays the timing frames of its beginning and end. Of course, all these happen without any contact between the owners and temperature controls or switches.

Projecting & Sounding ART has a new “smart” home suggestion.

The house cares for you!

If the existence of a house equipped with such a systems seems unreal, that is because you haven’t contacted us yet. Besides, there are many times that customers purchase all required products to create a “smart” home, but the installer does not install the applications that can really make it “smart”.

We would like to emphasize that the proper installation and the programming quality offered by our company are the two unique characteristics that will change your house, will differentiate it from others and really give it the ability to “care” for you. Ideally, we would offer you a butler. A punctual, trusted and tireless butler who would fulfil all of your wishes, before you even think of them, 365 days a year. But you would need more than one.

We combine your Life Style with our own tireless “digital” butler and create Modus Vivendi. The Modus Vivendi we provide is the destination where cutting-edge technology meetsuser-friendliness, elegance and aesthetic quality. In a way you have never experienced!